Sunday, November 20, 2011


With all my operation Christmas child boxes in hand this morning I made it to church on time. A good friend helped me get all 7 boxes into the church without dropping them in the parking lot.
There were 5 people Baptized this morning,glory be to God.
I still can't shake this uneasy feeling about what is going on in our church so it has taken some of the sweetness out of Sunday morning for me. I'm still praying for God to help me resolve these feelings. It doesn't help when I'm bombarded with questions from my church family about what is going on and why I'm giving up my job there. Then they voice their disgust with what is going on,that just seems to add fuel to these burning misgivings I have in my heart.
After church we had #1 son,d-in-love, g-son and daughter for lunch, #2 son was taking his only day off to play some golf with a friend in S.C.
After lunch d-in-love left for a photo shoot and the rest of us moved my washer and dryer over to daughter's house. Which should have been a simple thing as we stopped by Lowes on the way to pick up some hoses for the washer. But when we got to her house the dryer plug was different so she had to make a trip back to Lowes for another plug, then #1 son wired it wrong and had to redo it.
We finally made it home around 7:00, all the animals were surely wondering if we had forgotten them I'm sure.
After getting the chores done by flashlight we had a snack supper.
Then I had to bake cakes on this one Sunday of the year that it's necessary in order to get all the orders iced and ready for Tuesday. It just reminds me why I don't go to market on Tuesdays every week.
As I watched the news tonight and they talked about yesterday's Christmas parade in downtown Asheville I noticed that Santa has changed from the traditional red suit to a more elegant looking robe ????
And this next picture,well someone is going to have to explain to me what in the world this guy is doing in a Christmas parade.I can't really tell if he has on the santa hat or if the guy behind him has it on, either way this is scary !!! I'm just saying !!!!!!!

Each day I become more thankful that we have a loving Lord who is watching over His children, carrying us when the road gets to tough for us to walk along beside Him, and guiding us back into the light when we find ourselves straying into the dark corners of this world.
Good Night and God Bless.

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