Tuesday, November 29, 2011


The rain has ended with an additional 1" in the gauge this morning. It is cloudy and the air had a definite chill as I did morning chores I decided I have some fair weather hens who came to the door of their house after I opened it and hesitantly peered outside.  I don't blame them because I am surprised on cold mornings at how warm it is inside their houses when I open the door.After chores and breakfast I walked for 30 minutes just around the driveway because I figured the bottom would be too wet.
As I walked by my winter garden I couldn't help but marvel at how green and healthy our winter vegies are.
A few heads of yummy broccoli remain.

This row of Kale greens look so deliciously fresh.

And the few Collards that came up are really nice.Wonder if they will make it until New Years Day ?
Today I need to catch up my house cleaning since I didn't do any last week because I went to market last Tuesday. I started a load of laundry and then got busy cleaning bathrooms ,all the mirrors and other glass upstairs and downstairs and then dusting the entire house,whew !
Adding the downstairs to my cleaning day makes for a lot more area to cover and another bathroom to clean.
It took until about 4:oo to get it all done and then I went outside to shake out some rugs and guess what I saw ??
The season's first snow flakes were flying, they were big fluffy flakes,too bad the temperature is 38 and none will stick on the ground.
That's not true for the higher elevations that already have  snow covereing the ground.

In the last 2 days we have pretty much ran the gammit of weather, starting with unseasonalby warm temperatures, rain with thunder and almost flooding, high winds, now cold temperatures and snow  !!!  Gotta love these mountains !!!!
I did manage to get a few Christmas decorations out and set up this evening before it got too dark and cold. I hope to have my decorating done by Sunday, wish me luck !!!
Hubbie went over to daughter's tonight to finish hanging some mirrors and heavy pictures and I sent over 2 boxes of extra pans and things I got out when I cleaned some cabinets today.
I am getting used to this new computer slowly as it is very different from the other one I have used for several years. I worked for an hour figuring out how to get my photos downloaded into the same folder as last nights. Then I discovered my printer wouldn't work but I'm proud to say I figured that out also.
Now if this blog post will publish instead of me having to get out my laptop like I did last night I'll be a happy camper. Oh, and if you read yesterday's post and wondered why the wierd spacings, that's how my laptop does it and I have no idea why.
As I worked outside this evening in the cold air I got that good warm joyful holiday feeling just like I do each year. That's why even though I don't live on the side of the road and don't have guest too often I still go all out with my decorations, I just enjoy them so much. But I have to admit I'll be glad when they are all up and I'm sitting back with a cup of hot tea enjoying the soft lights.
I have a reality check tonight as I'm back to baking cakes for market this week. I baked  20 layers, 3 pound cakes and 2 wine cakes. They will come out of the ovens about midnight.It is 32 degrees at 11:00 so that will make for a cold morning for sure as the temperature usually drops 10 more degrees during the night.
Thankful for this wonderful day and for my many blessings. This is  a special time of year,one for honoring the birth of our Savior.
Good Night and God Bless.


Julie Harward said...

Hi there...LOVE your header, that would make a gorgeous Christmas card! Garden stuff still? Amazing! You are such a busy lady everyday..have a great week! :D

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, We had the same crazy weather that you had. We had tons and tons of rain for about 2 straight days --and then yesterday, it snowed all day long (with no accumulations much)...

Your late veggies look so good... Will the low temps coming tonight (or for you tomorrow night) kill them?


Anonymous said...