Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Woke with no phones ringing or places to be this morning. After chores I had breakfast and took a long walk.
It is peaceful and quiet this morning as I made my rounds around our pastures with camera in hand.Morning sun reflecting in the clear water of the creek.

Fall flowers.

First White-Throat Sparrow of the season.

I'm watching you !!

Just me and my shadow !!! Click on the photo to see each bird's head turned exactly the same way.

Almost missed this Red Bellied Woodpecker in flight.

Did better on this Pilated Woodpecker.

Mostly just enjoying the beautiful morning and God's beautiful creations today.
As I walked I thanked God for His wonderful world in which I live and thrive. Some days more than others I am totally awed by the intricate designs in nature and this morning was one of those days. Each bird is so differently designed and each flower and leaf of each tree or bush has an identity all it's own. Wow, what a loving creator !!!

As my walk ended I fell back into reality and the work of the day. I iced 6 caramel cakes before starting housework chores.
After lunch I made an Avon delivery and then stopped to check prices on mattress's for daughter, then at Ingles to pick up Bernie and Dolly some dog food.
I finished cleaning my floors and swept the leaves off the porches outside. It isn't quite as warm as it was yesterday and the clouds have already covered the sun but the temperature is still 63.
I already have customers at market asking for fresh sage so I cut sage this afternoon.I'll take it to market and bundle it and hang it out there to dry.
As I took care of evening chores I watched the clouds push the last rays of the sun over the horizon.The weather man said tonight that out of all these clouds we would get little if any rain.

I had a meeting tonight at church and my days of custodian work at church are coming to an end and I feel relieved.
With the other church using our facilities it is a good decision to hire a daytime custodian. It will be a 20-25 hour a week job. They offered me the job first but I said no and the other custodian also said he couldn't do it so they will have to hire outside. The plan is to have this in effect by the first of January.
I was going to the meeting to turn in my notice, but this worked out better. I just hope I don't have any more encounters with the other church bands before that date.
I had the opportunity to express my disappointment with how the bands are damaging the sanctuary and showing such little respect for the members of our church.
Hopefully there will be some good things come from the meeting.
I'm not sure how the other janitor felt about the change but he didn't seem to upset about the decision either. He has also had his scheduling conflicts.
As for me I've prayed that God would take this into His hand and do what was best for all concerned. I pray this is His will.
After the agonizing I've done over the last few months about things I have no power to do anything to improve, this is definitely a good move for my blood pressure!!
Daughter baked tonight and then her and hubbie went over to her house and set off bug bombs to rid her house of insects ,especially spiders, which she hates.
I iced a coconut cake tonight and called it a day.
God's blessings are everywhere if we only take time to look and listen.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Sounds like a wonderful day, Marilyn. Hope I get to see a White-Throated Sparrow in our area this winter.

We didn't get much rain at all--maybe a trace or a tiny bit more... BUT--the freezer door is opening. Tomorrow's highs here are in the 40's and it will go down into the 20's tomorrow night... Brrrrr...

Have a good day.

NCmountainwoman said...

I'm glad you were able to exit gracefully from the church. You have so much to do that I am sure you will cherish those extra hours you will have every week. Love the birds!