Thursday, November 17, 2011


Had a hectic morning to get started today. Can't really explain why, some mornings are just more difficult than others for me to get started.I got the chores done and the van loaded without incident and wound up only 10 minutes late getting to market.
About mid morning I remembered I forgot to let Louie the calf out but luckily I had told #1son the other night to refill his inside water bucket just in case I forgot to let him out one morning. Yea , I know myself pretty well,hahahaha !!!!

The wind is blowing so hard it was very hard to even hold the door open while I got my things in .
Market was pretty slow today as I expected. I spent most of the morning catching up with reading my blogs and making list for grocery supplies for the Thanksgiving meals in the next week.
Starting Saturday night it's hubbie's side of the family dinner, next Wednesday night is the church dinner for the community members who will not be having a dinner of their own this year, then of course it's our family dinner on Thursday,whew !!! Mix all those in with a long list of cake orders for Saturday and Tuesday and Curb Market Old Timey Christmas open house next Saturday and whew !!!! Hopefully when the dust settles from all this I can get in the Christmas spirit !!!

After market I ran regular errands and then shopped for baking supplies as well as Thanksgiving meals supplies. I had a van load and got home around 4:30.
Man this wind is cold,brrrr, as I did the evening chores I was shivering. I know 39 degrees isn't that cold , but just yesterday it was like 64 at this time so this is a shock to the system.
It looks like the temperature roller coaster ride is going to continue as you can see in this 7-day forecast.At least Thanksgiving day will seem seasonally cool. Some years we can eat our turkey out on the patio in short sleeves.
Daughter came by this evening and helped as we loaded up the old bedroom set and got it set up over at her house.
The washer and dryer will make the trip this weekend and that is all the furniture over there.
I'm hoping to get a deal on a new washer/dryer next week for me.
When hubbie and I finally got home tonight all I wanted to do was snuggle on the couch with my 4-legged kids so the baking and icing can wait until in the morning.
I am yawning with each breath at 11:00 tonight and the cold temperature,already 32, along with a still very brisk wind outside makes it feel like a good night to snuggle under the warm covers for a long winter's nap !!
Remember God loves you !
Good night and God Bless.

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