Saturday, November 26, 2011


We were all wondering where all these people came from !It always amazes me at what a few free cookies will do !!!!Market stayed packed with folks all day.

The morning started really early for Hubbie,G-son and me when g-son woke up gagging over his sinus drainage. After the second time and he cried ,saying he didn't feel good we got some ice water in him and he went right back to sleep and slept the remainder of the morning.
This morning he felt fine and was rearing to go as he circled me on his tricycle hurrying me up before the horse got tired !!
Daughter came to help today thankfully because we had another very busy selling morning. Hubbie even stayed until almost 1:00 helping serve the free refreshments the market offers as well as complimentory carriage rides which g-son was so looking forward to.

He and daughter had to stand in a long line but it was sure worth the wait to see his smiling face when it finally was their turn for a ride.
This was such a beautiful horse.
I wondered if all this walking on city streets made it's feet hurt ???

G-son spent the rest of the morning playing games on my laptop and being a perfectly well behaved little boy.
This is serious stuff, you can tell by the tongue !!!!
When his dad came to pick him up he wasn't ready to leave yet but he had to go get ready to go over to Asheville this afternoon to see the Disney on Ice Christmas presentation.

I decorated our table for the Christmas season last Tuesday just before I left market.
Several years ago I found these ornaments all with messages about God and Christmas.
Here daughter and I are in our seasonal attire today.
We are very thankful for another very good sales day at market.
Hubbie finally left about 1:00 and headed home to work on the leaves and the brush piles in the yard. Daughter and I headed to the mall to shop for two little boys she picked out from the school where she works that need Christmas presents this year.
We shopped the sales at Penny's, Belk's and K-mart. The mall was a very crowded place this afternoon.
We got home at 5:00,my feet and legs hurt and I am sleepy .
After chores and some supper,which reminded me that I hadn't eaten anything since breakfast, I hit the couch with my 4-legged kids and took a nap.
If these first couple days of the Christmas season are any indication of how busy it is going to be I better take more vitamins !!!!
I am very thankful to God for the energy He gives me each day and pray for His guidance each day in my decisions.
Good Night and God Bless.


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Give them free cookies and they will come. Nice post about the start of the season.