Tuesday, November 8, 2011


The sun is doing its best to break through the thick fog this morning.
I knew this could be a hectically busy day if everything that was supposed to happen happened. When the phone started ringing at 8 am I knew the business had started.
Lowes was calling early to say they would be at daughter's with her refrigerator between 9 and 10 am. As I passed our pasture the fog was trying to lift.
After that I started laundry then called the furniture warehouse and told them I would be there to pick up daughter's bedroom set in about an hour.
I went walking to have a little peaceful downtime already this morning.
To show how dry it has been around here, this is our farm pond.
As you can see there hasn't been much water in there for quite a long time.
These Cattails look thirsty.
Even though we've had enough rain to keep the grass green and the dead leaves damp we are still below normal for rainfall totals.
Hopefully we can get this pond cleaned out before the winter rains start.
Got daughter's furniture in the back of hubbie's pick-up and got 6 caramel cakes iced before lunch.
I did house cleaning between 5 loads of laundry and even took a vitamin D break in the nice warm 67 degree afternoon. Man that sunshine on my face felt good.
Back inside I finished housework and then started chores,it seems the afternoon and evening are one now and the sun is gone before 6 pm.
I helped daughter load up some old antique kitchen chairs that were stored in the barn.
They will need a good cleaning but we can do that over at her house.
I had Lentil soup for supper before going over to daughter's house to continue cleaning tonight. Hubbie and I worked with her until 8:30, then we came home. I got all four of the barn chairs cleaned up and shined with Murphy's Oil Soap, they look very good.
She got some bad news tonight when #2 son called and said he is going to have to work Friday. So it looks like it will be the three of us moving her Friday.
I iced 6 more caramel cakes tonight when we got home.
As I gazed up at the moon tonight I noticed a bright star just below the moon. Hubbie said it was Jupitor, not a star. This is an over exposed photo I took with my new camera.
This is a graph I found on the internet of the waxing moon and the planet Jupitor.

Star gazing is one of my favorite pass times.

God is awesome !!! If you doubt it, just look up !!!!

Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, Can't believe with all of the rain you all have had that you are still below normal. We are WAY below normal here...

I haven't had Lentil soup in years.. I need to make some.

Hope you have a good day tomorrow...

Far Side of Fifty said...

You are busy as ever..I hope the move goes well for your daughter. I love to star gaze too..you did great with your photo:)

Anonymous said...



Julie Harward said...

I always wish on the first star I see...love your pictures and that header is gorgeous! :D