Sunday, November 6, 2011


As I got ready for church this morning my decision to not cut my hair was reinforced when I looked at the back of my head to make sure the hair clasp was straight and noticed how pretty my natural curls were hanging down my back. Guess I'll keep it long .
A cool but sunny morning greeted me today.
The fall communion table was set up at church. We leave this up all month long to remind us how blessed we are with God's bountiful blessings.Church was good today we are starting the book of Acts , today we heard about the responsibilities of the church.
We had a small lunch bunch today, only #1 son ,g-son and daughter joined us for lunch.
We had one of the fresh pot roast I bought last week and it was very good.
#2 son is playing in a charity golf tournament and d-in-love is working as usual.
After we ate hubbie and I went with daughter to look at furniture in Asheville. G-son went with us as his daddy is picking up a calf today with a friend of his.
Daughter found a bedroom set she liked on the website of the first place we stopped at but they couldn't tell her exactly when she would get it. Since she is moving in Friday she needs to know when it will come so we decided to look elsewhere.
We went to the same place she picked one out last week and they told her to wait until Thursday for the sale.
After a discussion with the manager they agreed to sell the set today for the sale price.
We can pick it up Tuesday or Wednesday.
We headed to Lowes to look at refrigerators , there is no tax today so we found one that was on sale for 15% off plus no tax so she bought it and they will deliver Tuesday.
Well we didn't expect to have such a successful day but when Friday comes she'll have everything she needs now.
G-son was exceptionally well behaved all afternoon so he got a Sub-Way cheese pizza with bacon on it and a choice of his favorite thing to ride in the mall.Just as we got home #1 son was unloading the calf and g-son took right to it. It already has a name "Louie" , don't ask me where that came from. It also has the same middle and last name as g-son. It was too dark tonight for a picture so that'll come tomorrow.
After all the commotion settled, chores were finished by flashlight and a fire started in the wood stove downstairs hubbie and daughter went over to her house.
I went through old pictures looking for November decade pics. I also downloaded more pics onto my external harddrive as this computer is acting up again.

In decade pictures there were no '61 or '71 that I found so 1981 will be the first for this month.
In November 1981 hubbie and I were learning to be parents to a new baby boy who was only 2 weeks old by the first of the month.
He definitely does not look happy about bath time !!

Mom had one sister still living at this time and she and her husband made the trip down from Michigan to see mom's first grandchild.

This is my uncle Bob and aunt Carol with my mom in November 1981. They were on their way to spend the winter in Florida.

Daylight Savings time is over for the year,I'm sure it is going to take at least a week for me to adjust to the new schedule,yuck. The older I get the less I like change !!
I'm staying up to watch the 11:00 news tonight but it feels like the midnight news !!

Thankful to God tonight for the blessings of today.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, Glad to hear that your daughter is getting to move into her new home this week... That is awesome!!!! I can only imagine how excited she is....

Glad she found a bedroom set.. AND what a great deal on a frig.... That's GREAT.

Bet your grandson loved that Subway cheese pizza with bacon. Yum...


Gail said...

This is so wonderful...I remember when she thought she would never get the house and now she's moving in...fantastic.

Susie Swanson said...

Good luck to your daughter on the moving. It can be so stressful.Hope you have a nice Week..Susie