Sunday, November 13, 2011


A huge swing in temperature set this morning's low at 42 degrees, 20 degrees higher than just yesterday morning. What they say about weather here in these mountains is surely true, "if you don't like the weather just wait a few minutes and it will change" .
Had a nice service at church today. I surprised a couple who celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary yesterday with a caramel cake this morning.
After church we had lunch with everyone but d-in-love who is working.
We tried the smoked pork chops I had gotten at the meat market and they were sure good.
After lunch daughter and I with the help of #2 son got out my old bedroom suit so we could clean it up.

Head board
chest of drawers
And foot board all were very dusty and needed a good cleaning.
Daughter used a strong cleaner and I came behind her and used a polish and scratch filler. We did create a strong smell as we worked for over an hour on all 4 pieces. She decided to leave them here for a few days to air out.
While we worked inside Hubbie was on the roof blowing leaves out of the gutters before the predicted rain gets here.
When we finished the furniture cleaning I helped her pack up some more things and hubbie went with her to take the lower element out of her oven to see if he can find a new one for it.
I stayed here and watched the basketball game between UNCA and UNC. UNCA built a new arena and since this is UNC coach Roy William's home he brought his #1 ranked Tar Heels up to help open the new facility. They played in front of a sell-out crowd. Daughter is an alumni from UNCA and could have gotten discount tickets but even they cost $50 each. So we will just watch on TV !!Coach Roy directs his point guard.

This looks like a beautiful arena, much nicer than the one #2 son played in when he was in college and played against UNCA and beat them when he was a freshman at Montreat College.
During the ball game I did chores and watched the gorgeous sunset this evening.
UNC Tar Heels won the game 91-75 but it was a very good game.
Today has been a cloudy day with a temperature of 57 degrees.
But clouds do make for colorful sunsets.Hubbie and I worked downstairs re-arranging some tonight before calling it a day I have to get my Avon orders posted.
God is good all the time , all the time God is good.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

We have the warmer weather here too... Weird, huh????

Love your sunset picture. Beautiful...

That old bedroom suite looks alot like my Mom's---especially that dressing table...

Sounds like you had a good day.