Saturday, November 12, 2011


BRRRRRR!!!!!, Coldest morning of the season so far at 22 degrees there was a lot of ice on the water buckets today.
G-son was awake and up with us early but was content to stay inside and have waffles while we did chores outside. He did want to go help let "Louie" the calf out in the pasture.
We made it to market only a few minutes late and had only one customer waiting on some drying sage.
G-son was a big help re-stacking my cake carrying crates. He and Pawpaw walked up to the library for a little while but a quite place is not where g-son wants to be for long.
When they got back to market Aunt T was there and the games began.
As you can tell by the empty market isle today was a very slow day but we had enough orders to be thankful for.
Daughter's first night in her house went well, except she forgot to turn her heat up and when her nose got icey she had to get up and turn it up from 60 to 68.
Her dishwasher is back working today and hubbie left going over to replace her shower head that sprayed water straight out instead of down last night.
#1 son came after g-son, he didn't get a deer this morning but his friend did.
After they left daughter and I chatted until closing time.
She went to look for some bathroom rugs and get some groceries and I came straight home.
I unloaded the van since hubbie is still working at daughters and had a snack.
Hubbie came home and we decided to rest for awhile as we are both tired. But our rest was short as #2 son called wanting to go ahead and move daughter's big heavy couch because he might play golf tomorrow. So he ,#1 son and hubbie loaded the couch in the truck and several other things in the van and we headed over to her house.
We moved the couch a couple times until she found the right spot then we left to get home to the chores which had to be done by flashlight.
#1 son was selling a backhoe bucket and hubbie had to get the tractor out to help load it.
About 8:00 we finally got to veg out a while in front of the TV. Then I got a call from sis-in-law to arrange our family Thanksgiving dinner next weekend.
She also gave me the news that her brother and his wife are expecting another baby next July.

The decade pictures for November 1991 sure bring back memories.

Hubbie and I were both Cub Scout officials with our two boys, 2nd and 3rd in line as they wait to present the flag at the PTO program.That skinny man in the tan boots walking toward the boys is hubbie.

This is #1 son in his 4th grade photo.

#2 son was in the 3rd grade that year.

And daughter was in 1st grade.

Each time I look at these pictures I can't believe that it has been 20 years since these pics were made.
It isn't suppose to be as cold tonight as it was last night and at 10:00 it is still 38 after a sunny day with temperatures reaching into the lower 60's.
With a few wispy clouds around this is sunset from the red light at the end of the road I live on.
We are building a fire in our down stairs wood stove every night now even with daughter gone because it still keeps the heat pump from running all night.
I am going to get to bed early tonight to rest up for another busy day tomorrow.
Grateful to God for His never ending love and comfort.
Good Night and God Bless.


Gail said...

Isn't it wonderful to be showered with blessings every day?

May next week be even better.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Great pictures of your kids, Marilyn. Amazing how the all have grown up to be such GREAT young men and women...

We had that one night of temps in the 20's here --but it has really warmed up... Today is cloudy and in the 50's believe it or not.... Crazy weather.

Glad you all are getting all of your daughter's furniture moved and places... Bless her heart... She's going to have a gorgeous little home ---just for HER.