Thursday, July 7, 2011


Awoke to the ringing of the alarm and had to think what day is this I was in such a deep sleep. Shaking the cob webs out I dragged myself out of bed and got started with my day.After chores I got ready for market. Daughter came by from her dog sitting job to help me load the van.
We were only 5 minutes later getting to market than normal.
Market was busier than I thought it would be today and I am glad. We took several orders including another 10 caramel cake order from the camp that is ending another session next week.
It's always good to have daughter here as she walks uptown and gets our lunch from a restaurant on main street.They have really good sandwiches.
After market daughter and I split up our supplies stops to help get me home earlier but it still took me until 4:00 because there was such a crowd at Walmart and only about 5 cashiers.
After helping me unload daughter went back to her dog sitting job and I crashed for a while. I think it's the high humidity levels in the air that is just wiping me out. The temperature wasn't that bad today only 82 but the humidity is almost 100%.
We got another sprinkle of rain after I got home but that was it for today.
After my nap and a quick supper I went to the garden, picked cucumbers and squash. The beans are ready for canning but they will have to wait until Monday.
The latest white sitting Silkie has 2 early babies, they weren't suppose to start hatching until Sunday,oh well. I fixed food and water for the chicks and hopefully she'll cover the other eggs for several more days.
She has 1 Quail egg from Hubbie's quail pair but his female is so old I can't imagine it hatching.She is pretty scruffy looking.
Take it from me age can make you pretty scruffy looking sometimes !!!! HAHA!!!

I baked 38 cake layers , 3 pound and 2 wine cakes tonight. Yes it is after midnight again but I figured after my nap this evening I wouldn't go to sleep anyway.
Thankful to God for the strength He gives me each day.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Wow--you make me tired just reading what all you do each day. The good news for you is that your daughter is GREAT help.. She is falling in her Mom's footsteps for sure....

Wish I had one of those cakes....