Saturday, July 23, 2011


And that's not even close to describing being inside market today !! Although we had another very busy day, people were getting in and getting out. I saw a couple ladies who had sweated their shirts wet but were still shopping.
We have a small fan at our booth and that helped some. Daughter stayed and helped all day while Hubbie came home after helping me get set up to finish his bush hogging before it got blazing hot.
I had to make a couple supply stops on the way home and found a yard sale still open to check out. I found a couple things and daughter came by and found a few things. I got a call from a customer who had just missed me at market and I met her at Lowes to pick up 2 cakes.As I waited for her I took this picture out the windshield of the van. No rain in sight today.
#1 son and g-son were here when I got here, they had been to a friends corn patch and picked 3 bags of corn for me to put up. That would have been a sight to watch them, as #1 son pulled the corn, g-son carried his crutches along with him.
I'm too wiped out this evening to put up corn so that will be a tomorrow project.
Daughter found g-son's old pool and filled it with water to cool him off and wash the itchy weeds off.
I paid $10 for this little pool 3 years ago and it is still holding water and air.
What an imagination !!!

Crepe Myrtle and big Sunflowers make for a beautiful color contrast in the yard.

Sunflowers are one of my favorite flowers.

They just make me smile with their brightness.

This next picture just makes me smile also !!
Daughter had gotten an eggplant from a neighbor at market and made eggplant parmesian for supper along with fresh corn and fried potatoes.
#1 son made it back for supper.
A man came and bought some Silkies I had advertised and also talked me into selling him one of my white silkie hens.
Hubbie,daughter and I decided to go to Lowes tonight because since she is closing on her house this coming Friday she wanted to go look around a bit.
She didn't buy anything but Hubbie and I bought this propane cooker so I can do some canning outside and also it will come in handy for cooking messy things outside also.
It came with the large frying pan on the bottom rack and is big enough for a large canning pot on top.
We will break it in with blanching the corn tomorrow.
We checked out several things for daughter and checked out just as the store closed at 10:00.
Grateful to God tonight for all the blessings of today and praying for His guidance for daughter in this big step in her life.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Sounds like a good day for you even though it was hot... Hope your daughter gets her house.. You will enjoy helping her decorate it...

Great little propane cooker. You will really enjoy using it...

Stay COOL.