Friday, July 29, 2011


Feeling better this morning after a good night's sleep. My system is very sensitive to any kind of medicine so after the dose of Niquel last night I just barely remember getting into bed and I was zonked. But I needed that !!
After chores I refilled all the bird feeders and then I actually could taste a little of my breakfast so I knew I was getting better.
Hubbie and I headed up to church to work for the morning. The heating and air people were there changing all the filters but we worked around them.My jobs went a little slower because I still had to stop and blow my nose quite often but not as often as yesterday.
We finished by lunchtime and headed home. I had to bake pound cakes,wine cakes and 8 layers for chocolate and coconut cakes that I didn't do last night.
While I was in the kitchen #1 son and g-son came in with their lunch. After they ate #1 son went up to his shop to work on some more stuff to sell at market as his inventory is getting low.
Daughter was here and she filled the little swimming pool up for g-son to cool off in this afternoon.
After they played in the pool daughter was tired so they came inside and when she dozed off on the couch g-son entertained himself decorating her with all his super hero figures and anything else he could find it looks like.She must have been really tired !
D-in-love came in and got this picture before she woke up. She titled it "what happens when you go to sleep with G-son in the house" !!

We gathered more cucumber and tomatoes from the garden this afternoon and I cut 5 more bunches of money plant. I was soaking wet in sweat by the time I got back in the house but I felt better than I have in several days.

This should have been a memory post from July 2001 but I could find no pictures from that month.
So instead I thought I would do this post to recognize the beauty of this time of year.
Even with the stress of the heat and drought nature is handling it well.
Apple trees heavy with ripening fruit stand strong with the assurance that God will soon send rain to quench their parched roots.

Sunflowers bow their heads in thankfulness as they soak in the evening's last sun rays.

Corn stalks curl their leaves in the heat of the July sun.

Cattle graze on quickly browning pastures.

Evening haze covers the mountain tops giving them their Blue Ridge namesake color .

And when I thought about it even with all the hype the news people have given this hot dry spell. With daily temps in the 90's over half the month this really isn't much different than any July in the past. And if it was way back in my child hood days before air conditioning we probably wouldn't complain as much because our bodies would have been more like those things in nature and would have adjusted to the heat. I remember when I was growing up in these mountains,in the hottest part of the day we played in the shade of the big oak trees in our yard and never noticed the heat much.
The cool waters of the creek that still runs by our pastures was always an option for cooling off back then.
I don't know if young folks of today are lucky to have all the conveniences or not. Sometimes I think they are missing out on some of the best things of life by staying cool inside in front of the air conditioner.
But no I'm not ready to turn mine off,I'm spoiled just like everyone else and will continue to cool off inside in front of the air conditioner at least until the night time temperature drops to good sleeping temps. Hubbie laughed at me yesterday when I was sick I would go outside to warm up in the evening air.

I only had 4 cakes to ice tonight and I'm done very early and ready to head to bath and bed early for another hopefully good night's sleep without the Niquel.
Thankful to God tonight for the glorious world He created for us to live in.
Good Night and God Bless.

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