Saturday, July 2, 2011


Busy,busy morning at market today. We were sold out at 1:00.
Daughter loaded all the empties in my van and headed home to take a nap,she still isn't feeling well .
I stopped at a shoe store on the way home and got another pair of insoles so I can wear a new pair of sandals I bought last fall. Downtown was a mad house and I was glad to be out in the country on my way home.
After unloading I noticed the skies were getting pretty dark so I went to the garden and picked green beans for tomorrow's lunch. I also picked cucumbers , peppers and squash.
Hubbie picked up some fresh local corn on his way home this morning.
I came in and rested while I watched the news. #1 son and g-son came by and spent the evening with us.All farmers need harmonica music to farm by !!! Can you tell by the scowl that he is enjoying having his picture taken ??

Failed my first dump truck driving lesson, couldn't keep my foot off the brake as I let out the clutch.
Anyone want to buy a good dump truck ????

Back inside we lazed around the rest of the evening.
Felt good just doing nothing after the hectic week I've had.
Thankful for the many blessings of the day.
Good Night ,God Bless and Happy 4th of July.


Jean said...

Happy y'all had a great day in sells!
No I don't want to buy a dump truck.LOL!
Happy 4th to you and yours.:)

Gail said...

Wishing you many more sell out days...that is fantastic!!!

If anything has more than six gears, I can't drive it...not going to, not even going to try!

Your garden is full of delicious blessings, enjoy.

Relax and unwind, you know the work will wait.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

HI Marilyn, Glad you all had a good day at the market... It's about time, isn't it??????? Guess more and more people are out-and-about over the holidays...

How is No. 1 son's leg???? Hope he is doing better. Bless his heart.

Happy 4th!