Sunday, July 3, 2011


Church was all decorated for our patriot honoring service this morning. I was amazed at the number of service men we have in our congregation.
The choir presented praise through song as they all marched in to start the service.
Everyone made it for lunch except d-in-love who is working at her mom and dad's restaurant.
After we ate some of daughter's friends came by for a nice visit. We invited them to our cook-out tomorrow.
The whole family made a trip to Sam's Club for cook-out supplies.
Back home g-son reminded me of the promise I made him yesterday of going to the creek for a while.It is unbelievable how much fun this child has in this cold water.He loved to lay in the current and let it take him downstream.
His dad and uncle D went with Hubbie and I to let him play for a while.

After they all went home Hubbie and I sat outside in the patio and relaxed for a while.

We are enjoying fresh plums from our 1 of 3 plum trees that avoided the late freezing temperatures.
Speaking of temperatures, as we left for Sam's this afternoon it was 95 degrees.
Although a few clouds hung around the horizon all day we had no threat of rain, just humidity.

Hubbie and I gave Snowball another shot of Penicillin tonight to help her fight off an infected foot. I think she acts a little better today,she's still eating grain and I saw her grazing a little this evening plus drinking water.

I heard many fireworks going off tonight. The county had their fireworks tonight which is strange to me as when the 4th falls on a Sunday, they usually have them on Saturday.
So why they choose to have them tonight when the 4th is tomorrow is beyond me.
We couldn't see them but we sure could hear them.

The sun goes down on another wonderfully blessed Sunday.
Good Night and God Bless.

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