Saturday, July 30, 2011


Well another interesting morning as I got ready for market today. Combine another night of restless sleep for me, a coughing Hubbie who is probably coming down with my cold that I graciously gave him,a 79 degree morning by 9am ,one little Bernie who picked this morning to go on one of his rambles and refused to answer our calls along with a whole lot of cakes to load and it's like 2 sore tailed cats around the house this morning.But like all other days we made it and found customers lined up waiting when we got there . Hubbie helped until it slowed a bit then went to pick up animal feed and then go to church to help daughter decorate for VBS.
I had a very busy day,as I write this at 1:00 I have 1 caramel cake,1 blueberry bread, and 2 zucchini breads left.
It is extremely hot in here today and I think now everyone is in the cool somewhere else. We had one casualty of the heat earlier when one of our neighbors ,an elderly man went white as a sheet and had to be helped to his table and I called his wife and his daugher in law just happened to be in town and came and got him. Another nieghbor sat with him until she got here and he told her this was the same way he felt when he had his stroke several years ago. I pray that he isn't getting ready to have another one.

I am very thankful that I feel much better today of my cold, I coughed quite a bit last night and have a sore stomach from it this morning but today haven't coughed much at all so maybe that too is passing.
I was glad to see 2:00 come today for sure,as I loaded my van and got in to head home I just wilted into the seat.
When I got home Hubbie and daughter helped unload while I called #1 son to come get a coconut cake I had made and take it to a family friends house who lost her sister yesterday.
I was just to pooped to go along and he was glad to to it while g-son stayed with us.
While he was gone the rest of us made a trip to Sam's Club and g-son had to have a piece of their greasy pizza for his supper.
Back home we all had supper of fresh salad and a baked pizza. #1 son said the family who lost the sister was doing pretty good even though it was a shock that she died so suddenly.
After supper I called the wife of the man that had the problem today at market and she said he was better this evening. Maybe he just got over heated,which inside market this morning could have been very possible. Temperatures neared 100 again in town today without so much as a stir to the air.
It was definitely this kind of day !!!!
And it is 81 degrees at 10:45 tonight,that's not our good ole mountain cool evenings !

God bless this family in the pain of their loss and also the family of a young man who was killed in an automobile accident early this morning just out the road.
Good Night and God Bless


Gail said...

The heat is bearing down on man and beast. We still have no rain.

A good market day...may you continue to have nothing but good ones.

Jean said...

It is also very hot understand.
Prayers to the those who have suffered losses.
Your header photo of the Hummers with the mountains in the background is stunning!!!