Saturday, July 9, 2011


Another busy market day. Daughter met Hubbie and I out there this morning and stayed and helped me all day. Hubbie bought some fresh corn from a neighbor and came home to do the mowing.
We got 6/10 " rain yesterday again and the grass is growing at a steady pace and he won't be off again until next Friday.
After market I stopped by to see a friend who just came up from Florida to stay a few months in a nearby travel trailer park. Her and her husband owned a home in there, but when he died she sold it and has been sorry ever since because she can't stand the heat in Florida this time of year. She is thinking of renting a permanent place up here.
When I got home g-son was here and waiting for me to get here so we could all go to the creek on this hot afternoon.
This makes him very happy,can't you tell???

There were water fights with Pawpaw.

Mud treatments for Aunt T's legs.

The recent rains had the water level raised so that there was swimming areas to practice kicking and paddling in. There is a reason there is only one picture with the cap on as it shortly was wisked away in the strong current after it fell off his head.
Clouds passed over all evening but we got no rain.
We came back to the house and grilled hamburgers,corn on the cob and potatoes with a really good cucumber salad for supper.
#1 son came in and ate also.
After picking a basket full of cucumbers the other day I scanned the internet for recipes and found this cucumber salad recipe.
Simple and fast: Slice cukes into thin slices ( I used about 6 medium)
Cut up a couple tomatoes
Thinly slice a small red onion
In a separate bowl mix together 6 tablespoons of mayo ( I use Kraft)
2 tablespoons of white vinegar
salt and pepper
Pour this dressings over vegetables and mix well, place in frig for about an hour.

Even my son who doesn't like cucumbers had 2 helpings of this today. It was very good and I've sliced more cukes in the remaining dressing to set overnight.
Had a nice visit with son tonight as d-in-love is photographing a wedding.
As I write this tonight just before midnight it has started pouring the rain outside.
Oh well so much for a dry day. But I'm not complaining as I know we have been lucky lately to have had the amount of water for the garden and pastures that we've had.

Thanking God for a blessed day.
Good Night and God Bless


Gail said...

You are very blessed to continue to receive rain.

Peggy said...

Please send some of that rain this way. Hot and humid is our weather for the next week with heat index of 110! I have a similar cucumber salad recipe but along with the mayo you add sourcream. Yummy! Have a very blessed and restful day.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Blogger has been eating my comments all weekend... SO--if you get two comments, just delete one of them.

Hi Marilyn, That creek looks fabulous on a hot, summer day. Speaking of hot days, we are supposed to get some of the hottest of the summer this upcoming week... Yuk!!!

The cucumber salad recipe looks delicious.. Thanks!! I'll try it.

Have a wonderful Sunday.