Sunday, July 17, 2011


Sometimes I just have to take time to thank God for the place I'm in and this morning as I was listening to Roho the rooster crowing his heart out to start the day was one of those times.
I love my life and those around me including my feathered and furry friends.So thankful.

As I got ready for church I knew this was going to be a good day.
We had an uplifting service and the church was almost full today.Thankful for my church and God's salvation.

We had a delicious lunch of fried squash, baked potatoes, cucumber salad and tomatoes fresh from our garden , corn on the cob from a neighbor' s garden and Hubbie grilled chicken breast. #1 son,#2 son, daughter ,Hubbie and me enjoyed the meal.Thankful for my garden and fresh produce.
Afterward a man came to pick up another piece of equipment #1 sold. #2 son had a 3:00 tee time to play golf with some friends. Daughter,hubbie and #1 son went over to her house to put the water treatment in the well and check out the garage door. I went to Tractor Supply to pick up bird seed. Thankful for the beauty of the birds of the air.
The sun kept trying to peek out all day but never made it for long at a time.Blue sky was a rare sight today. The temperature hovered at 80 degrees all day under the clouds.Thankful for a not so hot day!
As I sat out in the outside patio looking down through the woods I noticed my money plant was ready to cut and dry.I cut 15 bunches in only a few minutes.
I bagged it and loaded it in the van.
I hauled it around to my sewing shop ,put up a wire and hung the bags up in the ceiling to wait their turn to be taken to market.
There is more to cut and I will take it out to market and clean the husks off in my spare time between customers. Thankful for the plants and their beauty.

As I did evening chores I realized I forgot to mark the date this lady started her setting.
She is an ornery one for sure.
It's amazing the individual personalities of these chickens, some of them are very friendly and don't mind what ever I do with them,others (like this lady) are just plain mean and won't to be left alone. She will be a very protective mother.

This lovely lady wound up with a family of 6 and she was one who never fused no mater how many times I lifted her to check her eggs. 6 out of 9 eggs she had hatched.Thankful for the miracles of farm living.

I took time tonight as darkness overtook us to sit out in the sun room in the coolness of the evening and read my "Moonshiner's Daughter" book. Thankful for modern conveniences.
A night off is a rare thing during these very busy months so I'm thankful for Sunday evenings and the rest they bring.
God Is so good !!
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Sounds like your Sunday was another fabulous day for you and your family. We had a great day here also--and it was still pleasant outside today...

We had a similar meal to yours. Had Kielbasa (from the grill), fresh corn on the cob, fresh tomatoes, cukes --and finished it off with a Georgia Peach... Yum...

Never realized that chickens could have such different personalities...Just like people!!!!! ha

Have a wonderful Monday.