Friday, July 1, 2011


This view from the outside patio actually hasn't changed much since the first of June. Everything is still green and only the money plant that is almost ready to harvest and dry to sell has changed color.
This is month #2 in this view project.

After chores this morning Hubbie and I headed to work at church. We finished at lunch time and had a nice fresh salad for lunch. I love it when I can run up to the garden for cucumbers,peppers and other fresh vegetables.
Daughter came back from more paper signing at her bank and all three of us went over to her house to meet with her home inspector.
He did a very thorough job,looked everywhere, turned everything on,had a pest inspection and a water test all in about 2 hours.
The only problem he found that we already weren't aware of was the hot water heater does not work. He said he thought the element was burned out by the people who winterized the house.
Daughter also got a call telling her that the bank's appraiser valued the house in it's current condition at $180,000 which is almost $60,000 more than she is paying for it so it's nice to know she already has that much equity in it.
As we left we turned all breakers off and locked it up as now it is out of our hands and all up to the bank.
I tried to relax a while when we got home as I am feeling kind of wiped out again.
Seemed like each time I got really comfortable the phone would ring. I finally gave up and headed on a walk around our pasture.
Today has been a sunny mid 80's day and this evening the temperature is cooling down nicely so it felt good to be outside for a while.
Daughter went to dog sit tonight,still not feeling up to her regular self .
I iced caramel,chocolate,coconut as well as baked a chocolate pound cake for an order and iced an extra layer cake with buttercream icing.
I'm done tonight just before midnight.
Hoping everyone has a safe , wonderful 4th of July weekend, may God bless you.
Good Night .

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Gail said...

Great news on the house, not that the water heater is broken, the other part...the equity!

If the world were blessed with your family's work ethic, love of God and community, it would be paradise.