Sunday, July 24, 2011


At church this morning some of the children of the church put on a little play to kick things off for Bible School which starts next Sunday night. Pray for me ,I am helping daughter with a first grade class. They promised we can have no more than 20 in one class!After church we fixed a lunch of roast beef,fresh corn,green beans,fried squash, potatoes and sliced tomatoes and cucumbers from our garden. I love this time of year,everything taste so good.
We all went over to the 1/2 price day of the estate sale place and everyone bought something. I bought a couple necklaces for $2 each ,a vase and a painted saw blade.
#2 son bought the most, a couple sets of matching shelves and a large picture for his wall. D-in-love bought an old church pew for her dad's restaurant and daughter bought a couple platters and a mirror.

When we got home it was ox in the ditch Sunday time for us and all that corn that was sitting in the kitchen. If we left it in the bags longer it might sour because even in the air-conditioned house it was sweating from the heat it was picked in.
Hubbie put together our new burner and we got the water started boiling.
We set it up out in the covered patio in the shade. As the water heated, the corn shucking began.
Hubbie and I shucked all 3 bags by the time the water was ready for blanching.

This is really nice big ears of corn and we ate some for lunch and it is delicious.
Hubbie and I have developed a corn puttin' up system that works well for us.
I take care of the blanching and cooling .....

and Hubbie cuts it off the cobs with his trusty corn cutter.
He has this thing set just right for him so I don't touch it.
We both bag the cut off corn and I carry it to the freezer and arrange it.
We worked for almost 3 hours this evening,finishing just before dark. We put up 28 quart bags of golden nuggets for the cold days of winter.
I will clean things up tomorrow as darkness over took those efforts tonight.

I hate doing things like this on Sundays but sometimes we just run out of regular time to fit things in. I have a 10 caramel cake order for this Thursday again at the camp that is ending another session so tomorrow evening I will have to start baking cakes.

The rest of the evening was definitely spent relaxing tonight as we are to tired to do anything else.
Asking for forgiveness for the work we did today and praying for God's work to be done in the upcoming VBS week.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, That corn looks GREAT.. We have enjoyed some corn-on-the-cob recently --and it has been delicious.

Glad you all found some 'treasures' at the estate sale.

Enjoy VBS. I'm sure the kids will have a great week.

Lisa Botts said...

Never commented before but just had to on the "ox in the ditch". I am right there with you. I work a full time job and put up stuff from the garden so I've had many "ox in the ditch" times here lately. I was afraid if I missed one more church service for the garden they would send a committee to my house! Fortunately most of our small congregation farms so they can relate.

NCmountainwoman said...

Wow! You guys have that corn shucking and freezing down to a science. How great not to have your kitchen messed up. We are also enjoying the fresh corn, tomatoes, and other veggies. Hooray for summer, but we could use a little "normal" weather.