Monday, July 25, 2011


The morning started out hot again,this is becoming the norm around here. Better get out and get things done by around 10 am or the heat gets to be too much.
After chores and breakfast I had an Avon order to finish and get sent off.
Today is a rare Monday as I don't have anything on my to do list for today.
After lunch the clouds moved in and dropped the temperature enough to for me to head outside to get some chick boxes cleaned out and some chicks moved around. The May hatched Silkies that I kept were moved out into the lot which will be their permanent home. It is a bit crowded now as I still have the 6 laying hens there that are still too small to be moved in with the big rooster.
I moved the mama White Silkie and her 6 chicks into the biggest brooder box.
I now have 2 empty chick boxes and only 1 red Silkie hen still setting. She is due to hatch her chicks this weekend.
I carried hot soapy water up there and washed all the waterers very good. In this hot weather they are quick to get slimy algae in them.
After I finished this the skies were very dark and I could hear distant thunder so I decided before the storms got here I had better pick the tomatoes and cucumber in case there was some hail.There was almost a bushel of tomatoes and a gallon basket of cucumbers. It amazes me that the plants are still producing with very little water. Hubbie has exhausted our gutter caught water supply so we're hoping we get enough rain to fill up at least one of our tanks. That kind of watering doesn't do much good but at least it keeps them alive until the needed rain comes.
As I came inside it started to sprinkle rain lightly and this continued into the evening giving us at least 2/10ths of an inch in the rain gauge. We'll take any amount we can get at this point.
I worked on my blog book while it rained and hubbie took a nap,exhausted from working out in the heat all day.
Daughter is trying desperately to get all her loan things lined up to close Friday but it looks like she is going to need more time. After Monday it will cost her $75 a day until closing.
I baked 54 cake layers tonight before I ran out of energy and decided to call it a day.

In my decade photos for July of 1991 we took a trip to Dollywood.
Must not have been as hot as it has been this year. Hubbie and I don't look too sweaty in this picture.

My nephew always went with us on these trips and he is standing between #1 and #2 son in this pic.

Daughter is ready for all those water rides.

Can't go to Pigeon Forge without go cart rides. Her are the kids all lined up in chronological age order from oldest to youngest. Nephew is 10, #1 son is 9, #2 son is 8, and bringing up the rear is daughter,age 6. Those were sure fun times at those ages.
I'm enjoying these decade post so much because of the wonderful memories they bring up.
Listening to our President and house speaker bicker on TV tonight makes me sick to my stomach. Our country has reached our dept ceiling as of next Tuesday. So they are bickering about a budget plan between Republicans in Congress and the Democratic silver tongued President. Taking this argument to national TV makes it seem even more ridiculous to me. Who will give in?? Who knows !
After the showers this evening there was a beautiful sunset.And the rain drops still glistened on my first Moon Flower blossom.

Happier than ever tonight to know that it is God who is ultimately in control.
Good Night and God Bless.


NCmountainwoman said...

Glad you got some rain. We have gotten rain almost every day, over an inch yesterday. The rain is in spots. We had rain but there was no rain downtown or a few miles away. Nice that the garden is doing so well.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Can't watch Obama speak anymore. He truly doesn't care about our country. He is spewing scare tactics to the American people JUST to get their vote. Everything is totally political to him and all he is interested in is getting reelected. He's the worst President in my lifetime --in MY opinion...

Great pictures from Dollywood... That place has really changed since 1991. That entire Pigeon Forge area has...You all should go back.

Hope your daughter makes it on time!!!