Tuesday, February 20, 2018


UHHHHH !!!!  Waking up to another rainy morning as I sloshed out to get the chores done.
I took RL to pre-school and stopped by the bank to get some info on logging into an online account.
Had a nice visit with Rhondria, one of daughter's closest friends .
I made it home just as IR was waking up for her breakfast. Daughter said earlier that she wouldn't go to sleep last night until after midnight so I guess she was tired this morning.
After both of us had our breakfast I worked on taxes until it was time to pick up RL. Hubbie and IR went along too as we need to drive over to Southern States to pick up chicken feed.
Both girls slept all the way there and back and almost through the unloading process until IR woke up screaming for some unknown reason and woke RL up.
We came inside and we all had lunch which made everyone feel better.
After lunch we just had to get outside in the beautiful day as the clouds have given way to spurts of sunshine and almost 70 degrees.
The girls were pretty happy about being outside for a change and not having to be bundled up in coats.
All the Daffodils have suddenly burst into bloom this week.
Loving to swing in the warm afternoon.

Tipper, daughter's dog and IR looking like she's not sure what to think about her.
More swinging.......

After a long play time outside the sun disappeared behind a big cloud and a cool breeze ran us inside for snacks and rest time until mom's made it here to pick the girls up.
Daughter went to pick up her Equinox but after she talked with the owner of the business she bought it from he decided to keep it one more day and check for more leaks.
Hubbie and I watched the early news and had a visit with #2 son who came after a battery voltage meter to check the battery in Tif's jeep.
We did chores without coveralls or jackets this evening and watched a beautiful sunset.
Thankful for the clear sky and sunshine today which seem to make both of us feel much better of our colds.
This little girl turned a big 8 months old today, she has 6 teeth and loves eating all kinds of food and is growing like a weed.

Thankful for the blessings that this day held and for the love of Jesus Christ .
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

I love seeing your Spring like pictures. Gives me hope that ours isn't far behind. Blessings