Tuesday, February 6, 2018


I was surprised this morning when g-daughter RL came into the bedroom calling my name. Guess I hadn't heard my alarm or the girls driving through the yard.
I need to start getting into bed earlier as about 6 hours of sleep the last couple nights is catching up with me quickly.
I did chores and then took RL to pre-school. She was the first one there today and we were actually a couple minutes late ??
Back home I fed IR her breakfast and then had my oatmeal and coffee.
IR went down for a long morning nap and hubbie went outside to work in the wood pile for awhile. I worked in my office. I shredded old 2007 papers until the shredder motor gets hot then I turned it off and cleaned while it cooled. It is interesting to look back at what we were doing in 2007 as I shred these memories. I was cleaning church and doing really well selling Avon back in that year plus the Curb Market and baby sitting g-son.
Hubbie and IR rode with me when I went back to pick up RL and then we stopped at Ingles and he sat in the Honda while RL slept .
We came home and had lunch then fed IR her lunch.
I went back to work in my office and came out a little later to find this !!!
RL is still sleeping soundly after an active morning at pre-school.
And these two ...... well it is just that time of day !!!!
I went back to my shredding and cleaning until RL woke up about 2:30. I got her a snack and then we all watched some Sesame Street on TV.
Daughter came in first and then d-in-love came after RL and went home to get groceries in the frig.
Daughter stayed and waited on #2 son and Tif to come by so she could download and print some forms for his bank loan on the house he is buying.
By the time they got all of that done g-daughter IR was crying hungry so daughter had to stay and feed her before she went home. Today she is a big 33 weeks old and all smiles about it !!!

Hubbie and I went out to get the chores done. Aa brought some extra hay rolls over for the cattle in our pasture today and hubbie helped unload them.
After we got everything fed and settled in for the evening we came inside to relax for the night.
A new winter storm Liam has been named and is set to bring us a lot of rain over night tonight and into tomorrow.
Today started out sunny and warm but clouds moved in after lunch and it looks like it could rain any minute this evening in the mid 50's temps. Looks like we are going to get a good soaking and maybe some flash flooding with the ground still saturated from this past weekend's rain.

I am blogging early and am determined to get into bed early tonight.
Thankful for the blessings of a wonderful day and for the grace of a loving God.
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

IR is a little cutie. We have had very cold temps here with snow every day. I can't wait for Spring to arrive as my back is killing me from all the snow shovelling. Blessings