Wednesday, February 28, 2018


Well bet you can't guess what the weather is doing once again this morning. Seems every time we get a nice sunny day it makes up for it with at least a couple rainy days.
As I put on rain gear to get out and do the chores I was thankful that it wasn't really cold and icy.
I took RL to pre-school and then headed home to get a busy morning started.
After breakfast for IR and myself I settled in at the computer to get February's goal of tax month completed. I haven't finished daughters and son-in-love's return yet because I've been waiting for numbers and figures that they have to find stored away after their move.
Hopefully on this last day of February I can manage to get theirs finished.
It has rained all morning making it much easier to sit inside at the computer.
I took a break for lunch then discovered something else I need from daughter but it should be easy to look up when she gets here to pick up IR.
IR finally went down for a good nap at about 2:30 in the quiet house.
When daughter came in she gave me the information I needed and we finished her and son-in-love's taxes to keep my goal in tact for another year.
After she left hubbie and I did chores and then I worked on weekly paperwork and paid the bills for the week.
We watched the first episode of Survivor on TV. Every time this show comes on TV I tell myself I'm not going to get started watching it but I always do. At least it was a pretty good show tonight to begin the season.
There was 3/10ths inch of rain in the gauge this evening and the rain has really picked up tonight as I can hear it pounding on the metal roof over the noise of the TV.
We are supposed to be pretty socked in tomorrow with a lot more rain.
This year's February was a record warm one of all time. We had mostly rainy days and warm temps but it was a good month with no freezing temps except at the very beginning.
February for us was pretty normal.
The groundhog saw his shadow on the 2nd which signaled 6 more weeks of winter but after a few days at the first of the month that were wintry and icy we have seen no evidence of winter in the month.
We have certainly had our fair share of rainy days with some flooding.
On several days we broke record highs for both daytime and nighttime temps which encouraged a lot of early blooms and buds.
We celebrated a happy Valentines day with the family.
This is tax month for me and I did manage to get ours and #2 sons and daughters taxes finished in the month even it was right up to the last day !!
The big news of the month was the passing of the Reverend Billy Graham at 99 years old after a several year period of failing health.
Also in the news was the winter Olympics held in China this year.
G-daughter RL also had her own Olympics at Mud creek pre-school and hubbie, IR and I attended this event which she won the gold in her age class.
With all the rainy days we have not kept up our exercise routines and I feel like this is something we both need to get back into.
Hubbie was sick for the third time and lost his voice and got a terrible cough , he was diagnosed with a really bad sinus infection.
Daughter also had a sinus infection and IR cut more teeth so she didn't feel good on several days.
Son-in-love had a bought of strep throat and RL had a virus that caused a fever for a couple days.
The work is finally complete on the house #2 son and Tif are buying and now they just wait for the closing date.
As we move on into another God given month I pray for all my family and that God's Will be done in all that we do. We are thankful for the blessings that came in the past month and for the protective arms of God and His mercy upon us in all that we accomplished .
Good Bye February and Hello March.
God Bless and Good Night

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