Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Woke to a cloudy drizzly morning today. After chores I started on my morning walk but got it cut short by a rain shower.
I took all the old cameras and even the one with film in it and stopped by Walgreens on my way to pick up g-son. The camera with the film still in it and partially used was a Cannon Sure shot and  the rewind was automatic at the end of the film. I didn't want to buy a $15 battery just to unload the film so the guy there put the camera in a black bag evidently made for just such issues and retrieved the film.
It will be interesting tomorrow to see what pictures were on these things.
When I went into Walgreens it was raining and when I came out the sun was shining and I wasn't in there that long !!
After picking g-son up we headed home and had lunch. He had a "hallow leg" today as he ate mac and cheese for lunch asking for seconds  and then ate different things all afternoon.
I put off my house cleaning until tomorrow because it is hard to clean all the floors with him here,especially when he constantly has food in his hands like he did today. I worked on my photo project and danced and played games with g-son  until mom came after him.
The air outside has definitely changed this evening as a cold wind is escorting a cold front through.
After chores and a steamed broccoli supper we exercised and then I did our weekly paperwork and payed bills.
We watched the UNC/Duke b-ball game tonight where Duke won on a last second shot. It was a very good game and neither team should feel like losers tonight.
All my photo organization paid off this evening when I looked for decade pics for this month. They were easier to find and I found more of them. I get to start February decade pics in the 40's and 50's instead of later.
A testament to how mild this winter has been so far is these photos of February 1942.
This is the back of my mothers old house.

This is evidently the clothes line, you can also see it beside the house in the above photo.

And again in 1952 a snow in February was captured on film.

There was no notation to give me an idea where this photo was taken, it just said "snow in February".

In contrast to the past years, here is a photo I snapped this morning of Snowball and Louie down in the pasture this morning scuffling around.

 No snow here this month at least so far. I heard a couple ladies talking in Walgreens this morning and what they said makes me nervous. They said that the winter of 1993 was this same way until March and then we had a historical blizzard hit our area with 6 foot snow drifts and no electric for over a week,not a good memory.
Grateful to God tonight for the blessings He handed down today.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

HI Marilyn, We may get a little snow this weekend... BUT--the temp on Sat. night is supposed to go down to about 13--and we may lose some of our new spring growth. Sigh!

Hope you don't get the same weather there. We'd rather get some snow to cover the new growth...

Crazy winter... Makes me wonder about March!!!!