Tuesday, February 21, 2012


It is a cool morning, 32 degrees at chore time. I walked all bundled up as I needed the fresh air to clear my mind this morning.
I had a couple errands to run in town when I picked g-son up so I left early headed that way. Got a call from d-in-love saying the heat was broken at church and she was leaving early and would pick him up and spend the afternoon with him.
I did my errands and came home to have lunch and then tackle weekly laundry and housework.
With the house quiet I also tackled our taxes.
Doing taxes online is a lot easier but I still have to gather all my receipts and crunch the numbers.

Amidst a jumble of forms and figures I think I'm ready to go with the online program.
Don't you wish this was real ?????
I could use about 4 of these forms. After all sometimes when I go into the store and buy dog food I feel like I actually do spend as much on them as I did my kids !!!

My day was pretty boring today with all this inside work. The sun battled clouds all day in temperatures that struggled to reach 50 .
Tomorrow is supposed to be another stay at home day all day as other g-ma is supposed to get g-son so hopefully I can finish the taxes.
My goals in March this year are to finish my photo project and sew my craft inventory back into the black.
All this brain work has left  me gasping for relaxation tonight.
And I'm reminded by this sign what really matters.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, We had a gorgeous day here even though it was quite windy.. We got out and took a long walk this afternoon. SO nice!!!! All of our snow is GONE...

We completed our tax forms and have already gotten our refund. It's in the bank---and we'll spend it on some house maintenance this year....

Have a great day tomorrow.. Hope you get yours done also.

Gail said...

Hope your hard work pays off and a refund comes your way.