Friday, February 10, 2012


This is the kind of morning you just want to snuggle down under the covers and wait for the sun !
The air is heavy with moisture and it is eriely quite with a "snow is coming" feel to the air this morning.
I spent almost an hour getting the ice out of the chicken waterers that I forgot to empty last night.
The light bulb is keeping the setting Silkie snug in her nesting box but everyone else is going to have a chill starting today.
As I walked this morning I noticed all my fruit trees and bushes with buds turning green and starting to open. I wonder what will happen to all these.....

These are buds on my plum trees,it is no surprise that these guys get killed back in the cold as they are the earliest fruits we have. We had a bumper crop last season and the trees are full of buds again this year.
Next is the peach tree buds....

And like the plums the trees are full of buds..
Annie was helping me check out the trees.
When I passed the pear trees I was surprised at how large these buds are already as these are a late fruit...
And even the blueberry bushes are starting to open.

With temperatures dropping into the mid teens predicted for at least 3 nights and day time highs only in the 30's it will be interesting to see what happens to these fruits. And on yea !!, it's only mid February !!!!
Some of the farmers around here say things will be okay because they aren't that far along. I'm no expert and I really haven't payed much attention to how the buds look at this time in a regular year. That's why this year will be a learning one for me.
It felt good to get back inside this morning and get the ovens fired up for cake baking duty. I have several Valentine orders for tomorrow. I made 22 layers, 4 pound cakes and 2 wine cakes finishing just before lunch.
After lunch I tackled my paperwork shifting. With the year 2000 papers shredded, I put 2010 papers in that box and stored it away. Replacing 2010 papers in the file with 2011 papers, thus getting my file drawer ready for this years filing.  I moved my picture files into their proper place. I'm caught up with all the prints I have,up thru October 2009. I am picking up more prints tomorrow at Walgreens.
This had been a good day to tie up a bunch of loose ends.
At chore time this evening I needed a heavy coat for the first time in a while. Everything got a little extra food this evening to help with the cold night.
It isn't that it is any colder than it should be but like the buds on these trees I think the animals have let their cold weather guards down.
Hopefully we won't get any of the snow that is predicted in the higher elevations tonight and tomorrow. I need to deliver my cake orders and daughter is having a house warming party tomorrow night at her house.
I started icing cakes early tonight and it was a good thing as I discovered I was short on powdered sugar and had to send hubbie to Ingles again tonight. I'm glad we only live about 2 miles from the store.
I finished icing caramel,coconut and chocolate cakes and got things ready for market.
Grateful to God tonight for the blessings of the day.
Good Night and God Bless.



Betsy from Tennessee said...

Good Morning, WELL--it's 19 here now (8:45 a.m.) and only going to go DOWN all day. The wind is whistling and the poor birds are eating eating eating... We only got about an inch of snow (still snowing) ---not enough to cover the tender growth...SO--we'll just have to wait and see what happens!!!!

Hope you have a safe day at the market today... GOSH--not sure we'll even go outside at all today!!! Brrrr

Stay WARM.

Gail said...

Things are budding out here, too. I hope they survive our bad weather coming in. We didn't have many plums last year.