Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Another beautiful morning greeted me this morning as I did the morning chores. As I peeked in at the new mama and baby chicks I noticed she had added another one over night.
After a quick breakfast I headed out for a long walk in this warm spring like weather. There is a lot of green showing on these plum trees.
A closer look revealed this first bloom in February ????
As I walked in the lower pasture these Mallard ducks looked beautiful with their bright colored feathers reflecting the bright sunshine.

I also noticed this block of post in the neighbor's what used to be a sod field.
You can see the creek bank at the bottom of the photo so these are definitely in the flood plain.
It will be interesting to see what goes with these post.

As I headed back inside to begin Tuesday's laundry and housework I  was sorry I hadn't put in a load of sheets so that I could have gotten them hung out on the line to dry.
I picked up g-son at pre-school and we came home for lunch. He was extra hungry today and ate pizza and mac and cheese for lunch.
I worked to finish my housework by 2:00 so I could go outside and get a good dose of Vitamin D. The doctor told me yesterday that my Vitamin D level was a little low so today would be a great day to get some extra.
I got to sit out in the sun off and on for almost an hour while getting g-son 2 waffles with syrup and then checking on my chicks amid taking a load of laundry out of the dryer along with a couple other request from g-son.
G-son came outside for a while and played with Annie and rode his bike.
When hubbie got home from work all 3 of us sat out in the patio and enjoyed the end of the nice day as the clouds rolled in.
#1 son came to pick up g-son and I did chores before having a turkey breast sandwich for supper.
After our exercises I worked on my blog book while hubbie watched TV.
I got another month done tonight so I'm already to October 1,2011.
It is 54 degrees tonight at 11:00 after a high today of 68.
This is leap year so there is another day of February before we see how March decides to come in this year.
Grateful tonight for God's never ending  love and the blessings He gives me each day.
Good Night and God Bless.

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