Friday, February 3, 2012


Woke up early this morning before the alarm which is strange for me. As I headed outside to the chores on another gorgeous morning I noticed the dandelions are really starting to poke their little yellow heads up as if they think this is April instead of February.

I came inside and had a quick breakfast so I could get started with my busy morning. I baked 16 layers for cakes, I washed and dried my hair while they baked and then I went outside on my morning walk.
I've been letting my evening exercise go since this cold has me not feeling well in the evenings so I needed this walk.
I picked up g-son at pre-school and we came home to have lunch. He had spaghetti and I had a piece of chicken and some peas.
The weather is so nice today again with sun and temperatures around 57 degrees. I sat outside while g-son played until the wind got a little stronger and gave the air quite a chill.
Inside I spent the afternoon organizing photos between shredding some old papers and attending to g-son's wants. One time I stopped and we made brownies so that's why my projects go rather slowly.But that's okay by me because this little guy won't be this little long and the days are coming quickly when he will be too busy to make brownies with grandma.
In the photo organizing I made it through the summer of 2001 and I got about 1/2 of the papers shredded so it was a successful afternoon considering all the interruptions.
I even took time to set a Valentine table out in the sunroom. I looked some yesterday in town for valentine napkin holders but didn't find any and didn't feel like spending  a lot of time looking. Instead I found these stickers, 4 in a pack for $1 and stuck them to my wooden rings.

The stickers all have a different saying and I think they are really pretty!
Here is the whole table.

This whole table scape cost less than $9 !!  Here's the breakdown: placemats and napkin set found at a truckload sale after Christmas last year for $2, red diffuser/vase bought at Pier 1 in the after Christmas sale for $2.25, rose bunch found yesterday at Mighty Dollar for $1, the Currier and Ives salt and pepper and accessories found at Hospice store some time ago for $2.25. I already had the wooden napkin rings, the red candle and the coaster set . We don't use this table much except I eat breakfast out here every morning so I can watch the birds at the feeders so it is fun to fix it up differently each month especially on holidays.
Tonight after chores I had a small salad for supper even though I wasn't hungry. After feeling okay all day I'm losing the battle quickly tonight. But I can only rest a short while before I have to ice 6 caramel and 2 chocolate cakes.
Hopefully I'll feel better with each day, my nose isn't running as badly tonight at least.
More rain is predicted for in the morning so tomorrow will be another slow market day I suppose.
Thanking God tonight for the blessings of today and for His grace.
Good Night and God Bless.


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Your table is beautiful!