Friday, February 17, 2012


The skies were clearing early this morning for a very nice sunny 61 degree day.
I finished chores and took my walk earlier so I could get started on my today's things to do list.
As I walked by #2 son's house I was greeted with this questioning look from granddog Flash.

I was imagining him saying "what are you doing here? I'm taking care of things around here !"
Finished with my walk and hurrying around getting things ready to head to town to do some errands before I picked g-son up and wouldn't you know it, murphy's law struck again.
As I printed a label for an Avon package the door bell rang.  As I turned the corner to see who was there through the french doors I saw a man standing there with Annie nipping at his hands as he tried to pet her.
I had not heard her bark or heard a car come into the drive so as I cracked the door to asked what he wanted I looked for a car and saw none.
He said he was on foot !  I could tell right away that he had a speech handicap and his feet were turned almost directly out to the sides. I asked him how he got to this area, but didn't get an answer, he was into his magazine subscription selling pitch. He showed me a piece of paper to justify what he was doing. I asked if I could take it  inside to show to my husband and came in and scanned it on my computer. This is the paper....
When I handed the paper back to the man and told him I wasn't interested he got really huffy and stomped off. As I watched him get back on the highway I called the Sheriff's office and gave them the information off the paper  to verify it.
Shortly a deputy was in the yard wanting a description. She said they did verify that this company was dropping off handicapped people in neighborhoods to solicit magazine subscriptions. The deputy didn't think this was a good idea and especially with the break ins we've had in our area she feared for this man's life. In this day and time I cannot believe any organization would be sending people door to door selling anything. There are so many warnings about scams and about giving anyone money that comes to your door that you don't know I find it hard to believe that they would have any success.
The deputy  left and I don't know if she found him or not but another home just up the road from us that is used for a summer home had suspicious activity around it.
Anyway all this morning activity played havoc with my scheduled task again today.
I only got one stop made before it was time to pick g-son up and then he had to go with me to do the rest.
We got home over an hour later than expected and I had cakes to bake. While he ate his lunch I snacked while baking 16 layers and 2 pound cakes.
I hated to waste such a lovely day inside but by the time I got to sit outside for a few minutes the sun was low in the sky and the air was getting a chill. G-son stayed inside working in his activity book I had gotten him. He loves to work through mazes and match puzzles.
His dad came to get him just before chore time.
I skipped the exercises tonight and went straight to icing duties to try to get an earlier bed time.
I feel kind of washed out tonight for some reason, not as if I did a lot of physical work today but this mental stress is working on all of us right now and I know of no way to cure it except just give it time.
I trust God to take care of me and my family at times like these.
Good Night and God Bless.


gg said...

You certainly had a busy day.Love your grand dog, what a sweetie. I have 2 and 13 cats...I really enjoy your writing and pictures. Good job!Have a nice weekend.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

We all have days like you had. Luckily, most days are better, aren't they??? Sometimes I just feel as if I meet myself coming and going and don't ever get finished... Oh WEll!!!!

Sorry about how we have to be fearful these days of people who come to our doors.. That was sad that they are sending handicapped people out to sell... We just don't know what is legitimate and what is not these days. Times have changed, haven't they? Gads!

Hope you have a good weekend and a good day at market... We are expecting snow on Sunday (they say????)

Rita said...

I think what I notice most with mental stress is how tired I get and no energy. Really hard to keep going and some days I don't. Even the rest does not seem to give me the added boost I need. Like you said I think it just takes time. Sometimes when I am at home to get a break for a day I clean out a drawer or put some things in a bag for Helping Hands. Makes me feel as if I'm still making progress. Really hope your day at market it great and gives you encouragment.