Monday, February 20, 2012


UUUUHHHHH!!!!!!  G-son was here very early this morning and I needed to get up also to get an early start on a busy day. While hubbie took him to pre-school I finished morning chores. Breakfast time wasn't needed because hubs and I both headed over to the new doctor's office to have blood drawn for our upcoming physicals.
By the time we drove to Asheville and waited our turns for the needle, my head was starting to throb.
We left the office and stopped at the first fast food breakfast place we came to which was Bojangles.
As I ate my biscuit and inhaled my decaf coffee I felt me head throbs subside thankfully.
The nurse that stuck us was very good and I felt very little pain with all the times she added a new vial to be filled.
We then headed out to accomplish another joint task we've been putting off. Our cell phones were due for upgrades so we got that done also before we picked up g-son.
G-son wasn't hungry for pizza today so we just picked up a few things we were out of there and headed home were he wanted mac and cheese for lunch.
The weather is nice today with lots of sunshine but cool temperatures still not out of the 40's around here today.
Stuck inside we thought it would be a good time for doggy haircuts. Hubbie and I groomed and bathed both Bernie and Dolly. Bernie's hair had gotten very long and he is shivering tonight with the change. I would take a photo but he is already buried under the covers in bed with hubbie.
Hubbie went out to work on a wood pile this afternoon and g-son and I went outside for a few minutes before we decided it was a little too chilly.
 Annie didn't want g-son to go inside........
Until she got her hug for the day.
Boys and dogs there's just something special between them.

#2 son came up to hubbie's shop this evening to replace the broken part on his emergency brake and had to get hubbie to help get the parts back into place.
#1 son came after g-son just before chore time this evening.
I had cream of wheat for supper and then hubbie and I did our exercises. I also got all the photos I picked up today in the albums. I can see the light at the end of this project now and am anxious to get this finished and move on to my blog book catching up.
I almost missed the radiant sunset this evening.
Something happened early this morning in Buncombe county that is on my mind tonight. About 3am this morning a 17 year old young man was being chased by deputies for a traffic violation,( no one has ever said what that was).  When he stopped, he abruptly put his pick-up truck in reverse and back into the deputy's car.  He was promptly shot at point blank range 6 times !
Normally I am on the side of law enforcement but with the details of this chase coming out I'm not sure they acted professionally this time. The young man who was shot was deaf, therefore could not hear anything that was going on and the deputy knew this from an earlier encounter with this same  young man, this doesn't mean he should not have stopped for the blue lights but he was also unarmed,and I feel like the deputies would have known this from the earlier encounter !!  Why he backed into the patrol car no one knows but I really believe there could have been a better solution than pumping 6 bullets into the young man. Fortunately he survived the ordeal and is in the hospital.
I'm just praying for all involved in this unfortunate series of event.
 Just doesn't look bad enough to kill someone over !!! Sorry !!!

God is so good to me and I am so grateful each day for His love and blessings. May He be with this young man tonight and his devastated family and also the deputy who fired the shots as all involved need God's intervention.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

What a sad tragedy... But--what else could the police have done? They probably didn't know he was deaf and they didn't know whether he was armed or not. He did back into the deputy's car.. It was a bad situation --but our police people put themselves out there in harm's way so much.. I just hate to accuse them of doing wrong here.....?????

Beautiful day here yesterday --and most of our snow melted. It's very windy today --with more rain coming tomorrow I think... It's really been a WET and fairly warm winter overall this year.


Anonymous said...



Gail said...

Scary! I wish it could have been handled differently but what's the other side of the story?