Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Lazy this morning as I woke up in the wee hours with cold feet and had to get up and get a heating pad on them to finally get back to sleep. Usually I can snuggle them against one of my 4-legged kids or under the extra blanket but this morning nothing worked except the heating pad.
It was another sunny morning and quite warm already as I did chores and took my morning walk.
I am hoping for mild weather now as this little lady is setting for my first hatch of the season.

She is one of the chicks that the kindergarten class at daughter's school hatched last spring and is on the small side as far as Silkie hens go so I only put 6 eggs under her, 4 large  and 2 silkie last Saturday. She should be able to keep this many covered well. When the temperature gets in the low 20's I'll put a light bulb in her box to help her out. So far she has done an excellent job for her first time.
Before I picked up g-son I stopped by Walgreens to pick up an order of photo prints.  The coupon this week is for a free 25 prints with 25 prints do I'll be making several trips there this week to get this deal. Tomorrow I'll be picking up more plus taking some old one use cameras I found among the old photos to hopefully get some pics off them. That should be interesting for sure !!
G-son was really ill when I picked him up and when we got home he layed on the couch and said he didn't feel good. I finally got him to eat some macaroni and a couple Special K bars and he was like a new man.

I did laundry and cleaned house this afternoon while he built a tent in the living room and played in it .
As the day got warmer 63 degrees and I finished my cleaning jobs  we went outside for a while and played games.
His dad came to pick him up this evening and said he is meeting with his lawyer tomorrow to go over things for his disability hearing on Thursday. He is trying to get back pay for the year and a half that he couldn't work.
He is working at his friends apple farm and trying to get another job with benefits but anyone who knows about his leg won't hire him.
If he could just get some money to pay his doctor bills it would be a real blessing for him and his family.
As I was finishing chores tonight the coyotes started their howling early this evening and when I looked up I saw why. This beautiful moon with clear skies was a brilliant sight.

After salad supper and our exercises  I worked on my photos until I needed more prints and then I relaxed for a while.
A beautiful day given to us by the Lord above to warm our spirits and please our senses. Just another way He shows His love for His children.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, Gorgeous day here also --but cooler than you. In fact, we are supposed to get some really cold weather this weekend. Hope it doesn't damage all of the spring growth.... Yipes!!!!!

Hope grandson is feeling better. You sound like you are feeling better now too.


Anonymous said...


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