Friday, February 24, 2012


Yuck !! I woke up this morning with a really bad case of heartburn. How can you wake up with heartburn? Did I get up and eat something I shouldn't have in my sleep last night ?
As I did morning chores and marveled at what a beautiful day it is I wished I felt like taking a long walk this morning but I didn't.
I didn't feel like any breakfast either but made myself eat a plain waffle thinking maybe that would help and it did a little.
I made the best of the morning by baking a few cakes for tomorrow before lunch.
After a chicken soup lunch I felt better but now it is cloudy outside and we are under a tornado warning for the afternoon. The wind is really starting to whip around and the rain is beginning.
After catching up a few loose ends of little task I've been needing to do I took time to enjoy the silence of the house and relax.
After the rain stopped I bird watched,I have been trying to get a photo of a large ,I think hawk, that  lights in a tree at the edge of the lawn each afternoon about the same time. He watches the smaller birds at the feeders and then flies away. I missed getting a pic of him again today as he flew before I got him in focus. I would love to see what kind of hawk he is.
I did get a pic of this guy that I have seen a couple times before but missed a photo of him.
Meet Hairy , when I first saw him I thought it was one of the many Downy woodpeckers that frequent the suet cakes. But after a closer look I noticed the noticeably longer beak and his larger size.
A little later one of the Downy's made a visit to the feeder.
 I was hoping they would decide to get on either side of the feeder for a better comparison. These birds are identically marked except for a few minor differences that may or may not be there.

I didn't  feel like any supper tonight so I iced cakes early and then sat in our bedroom listening to all the peeper frogs while hubbie was in the living room watching a truck race on TV.
Everything is early this year, the peepers are not usually out in February and may be wishing they weren't out by morning when with the winds and temperatures in the 20's it is going to feel like low teens outside.
Hubbie came in today and said there was our first Garter snake of the season killed on the pavement in front of our mailbox today. In February ???????
The strange weather was a little of everything today, with morning sun and a temperature of 70, wind,clouds and rain moved in around noon and the temperature started to drop after a short light rain fall ended mid afternoon and now tonight the wind is howling with a temperature of  36 at 11:00 and snow showers are a possibility overnight in some places.
We were under a tornado watch for most of the day but were not one of the unlucky ones to actually get one. A couple tornadoes touched down in S.C. this evening doing some bad damage.
The exiting clouds made for a nice colorful sunset this evening.

I was a little late getting this picture as I was attending to Bernie who is a sick puppy tonight and we can't figure out why. Hopefully he will be better in the morning. I followed him around to watch when he went to the bathroom to check for blood and thankfully there wasn't any.
I have both he and Dolly on a strict healthy diet but he must have picked something up outside.
Right now he is sleeping soundly so hopefully that means he's stopped hurting.
I'm listening to the news as I blog and then I'm off to bath and bed ,hoping for a better beginning also for myself tomorrow morning.
God is a wonderful caring God who is always at our side if we only take the time to recognize Him.
Good Night and God Bless.


Jean said...

Sadly I have been awoken with heartburn. It isn't fun. Now that I have lost weight on the Atkins diet those acid reflux nights have lessened.

Love the Downy and your cool night photo!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Sounds spring like down your way! Snowy here..have a nice Sunday! :)