Monday, February 27, 2012


Up early doing chores before I leave for the doctor's office.  Got up today with a sore aching back from lifting things I shouldn't have yesterday.
Things went well at the doctor with my yearly physical. I was declared very healthy for a women of my age !!  We talked about how I should loose a few pounds and after I told her what my daily calorie intake was she said I needed to eat more and more often to see if that would kick up my metabolism. I also need to get a couple more test done to be sure about everything.
I got home in  plenty time to go with hubbie to pick up g-son. We made our weekly stops at Sam's Club and Ingles.  I bought several healthy things to eat my small meals from.
At home on this beautiful day hubbie and I decided to work outside doing some pruning.
I did the Butterfly bushes and other things close to the house while hubbie did all our muscadine grape vines.
He also cleaned up a plant bed next to the grape vines with the help of g-son.
They were taking up the tomato cages from last year.
They also took up the rabbit guard around the bed until we can get the leaves blown out of the bed.
What a good little helper !!
After all this work we all took a much needed break , hubbie and I in the rocking chairs on the porch to watch the sun go down and g-son in his play house getting re-aquainted with some outgrown toys.

After his dad picked him up it was chore time. My black silkie so far has 4 chicks with 2 eggs still under her.
I am always amazed at how natural mothering comes to these first time mama hens. The little yellow chick hatched out during the day today as it wasn't there this morning. Hopefully the other 2 eggs will hatch over night or tomorrow before she abandons them to give full care to the new little wandering chicks.

After a salad and steak supper I did exercises and finished another month in my blog book.

Getting an earlier bedtime as I am tired tonight and I know my back will be hurting again in the morning.
Thanking God tonight for a good report from the doctor this morning and so grateful for the health he blesses me with.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Gail said...

I could use your crew!

Glad the doctor had good news.