Saturday, February 18, 2012


Up early,getting ready for market, daughter brought her things by on her way to coach a youth b-ball game at 9:00.
Market was extremely slow today. Can't blame it on the beautiful weather,sunny with 57 degrees was perfect getting out weather.
Actually this was the slowest day I've had this year I think.
I had plenty to do anyway,even worked up a sweat in the warm sweater I chose to wear today because I thought I would be sitting waiting on customers. Instead I shifted into clean out gear to get ready for the upcoming floor refinishing that is going to happen the first week on March in the market. Hubbie and I decided this morning before he left that he would bring the truck back at 1:00 and we would load all the shelves and storage bins from around my tables. We had been planning on doing this next Saturday but were afraid to wait due to something might happen with the weather or something else.
I didn't realize how much stuff I had out there until I started packing it up in the storage bins and some boxes I had,whew !!!!  I was not dressed for this kind of work today but it got done. Hubbie's truck was full and I had some things in my van. We left the load in his truck and covered it with a tarp until next week when I go through it.
I had a late lunch and took it easy while hubbie pruned some of our muscadine grapes this afternoon.
I watched a UNC/Clemson b-ball game, which UNC won.
#2 son brought his jeep up to hubbie's shop this evening and they took his console out to see what was broken with his emergency brake. They found it wasn't the brake cable as he had been told and only a bracket that hooks the cable up. He will have to order it Monday. No one stocks the newer jeep parts but jeep dealers !!
I did the evening chores and battened everything down for the upcoming weather we are supposed to get.
It is raining tonight and we are supposed to get over an inch before it ends tomorrow.
 With this system moving north east we are going to get slammed tonight with heavy rain.
Then to make things really interesting the high temperature for tomorrow will be in the low 40's and will occur early in the morning. With the temp dropping steadily though the day snow is supposed to begin and they keep upping the accumulation we are to expect.
It all depends on the track of the storm.This is the most popular predicted track but I guess we'll know for sure which track it takes when it is over!
Looks like we are in for a nasty Sunday and a good one to just spend inside relaxing and doing what we are suppose to do on Sunday, nothing !!

Here is another weather map photo of the  storms heading our way for the next 24-36 hours.

 Winter might rear her head again tomorrow night right on cue as a gentleman complained this morning as he passed through market about not having any winter this year. I silently thought to myself " we definitely still have time for a winter,sir".
At least the rest of the week looks pretty good until next Saturday, brrrrr!!!!!!

While Hubbie watched the first race of the season tonight I worked on my photo project getting all the prints I had made last week in albums . After I get all these prints made and in proper order I intend maybe next winter to go through and  make notes on the backs of them in case they get taken out of the albums over time.

To continue with February decade photos I found this one of me and #1 son in February 1982. He was 4 months old.
 As I listen to the rain outside I say a little pray for all who are out in this mess over the next couple days.
Looking back though the photos I was organizing tonight and when I look at the older decade photos I humbly thank God for the goodness he has blessed me with through the years and continues to do so each day.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

What a great picture of you and your eldest son.... 1982, huh????? Wow---by 1982, I had one son age 19, one age 12 and one age 11... In fact, I got my divorce in 1982--after 20 yrs. of marriage... Gads!!!!

We're supposed to get rain tonight and snow tomorrow --but they have no idea how much we'll get... I doubt (at least in my mind) that we'll get much here... BUT--who knows?????

Have a great Sunday.

Gail said...

Again, many great accomplishments.

Stay warm and dry during the coming weather.

Anonymous said...