Saturday, February 25, 2012


A change in the temperatures for sure this morning as I was breaking a thin skim of ice from the water buckets.
Market was okay today ,at least a little better than last week.
After market I picked up the last order of photo prints to catch up my photo project,came home unloaded the van and put them in the albums.  All finished and really proud of how it all turned out, making it so easy to find the photos of any time period in a second.
Hubbie and I both spent a cool Saturday evening relaxing. We watched a UNC/Virginia b-ball game which UNC won just barely and our country music Saturday night shows we always watch.
It has been a sunny day but only 42 degrees so it was a good day to spend inside.
With the photo project done I am moving on to my blog book now to catch up with that and whew then I'll really be satisfied with my winter time progress this year.
 Tonight I need to finish the February decade pics with 2002.  If you follow my blog you know that a couple days ago in 1992 there were pictures of my young boys basketball team.
In 2002 these pictures of the pay-off for all those many days and nights in the gym for #2 son who choose a career in Basketball and won a college scholarship for his dedication.
After visiting many college campuses around in several different states he settled on Montreat college which was about 45 minutes from home.
We got to see a lot of his games at home and even took some road trips to Tennessee and Kentucky on Saturdays to see him play.
He was voted National Freshman of the year in the NAIA division of colleges that year.
Unfortunately due to that college dropping the major he had chosen in college and some coaching changes over the summer that would be his last year of basketball. After the first semester he transferred to a local community college to finish his sophomore year and then transferred to Western Carolina University for the remainder of his college on scholastic scholarships.
I was kind of glad to see him get out of basketball because of how rough it has gotten at the college level. The system has made it a dog eat dog, win at any cost game because if you are a coach and you don't win you are replaced. So they pull out all the stops, dirty tricks and meanness that it might take to win.

That February 2002 we had several snows.
This is #2 son's chevy camero that he worked several summers to buy covered in snow.
And this is my taurus station wagon and daughter's taurus,( her first car).
 A picture of our back yard before all the bird feeders took over out there.

I love taking snow pictures anytime we have the white stuff on the ground I'm snapping away and it is interesting to see the changes in our yard over the years.

Unfortunately there won't be any snow pics for this February. I can't believe we are ending the month with not so much as a dusting of snow and for that matter not much cold weather at all.
March can still deliver a powerfull winter punch but usually any snows we get in March are gone by the next day,so I guess we'll see what March 2012 brings.
Nothing exciting going on around here tonight so it is off to an early bedtime for me.
Thanking God for the gracious blessings of today.
Good Night and God Bless.

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