Wednesday, February 29, 2012


 Did you know that long ago in about the 5th century the tradition was started that on February 29th, women were allowed to pursue men ???

 A cloudy morning but still really warm, 53 degrees at 9 am. After chores and breakfast I went over to my friends beauty salon to get my hair trimmed. My hair grows really fast and it was getting to a not very manageable length.
She is going through a tough time right now,facing having to put her dad in hospice care from the hospital where he is in renal failure and his heart is failing him. I know what she is going through and will be praying for acceptance for her and her family.
Back home I  changed out my month end furniture covers and also decided to put away all the winter decorations. I guess I'm giving up on winter this year ! In their place now are blooms of daffodils and forsythia with some tulips and pussy willow mixed in.
Our area is under a tornado watch today from a storm system that is moving across the country. In the mid west several deadly tornadoes have killed 12 people and some towns look like disaster areas.
I'm glad I have no where to go this afternoon and can stay inside and do housework.
The afternoon was calm with only gentle winds and even some peeks of sunshine but with the temperature reaching 70 degrees it was the recipe for severe storms. Lucky for us the front slowed down and won't get here until after dark tonight so the temperature will be cooler,hopefully avoiding anything severe.
After chores,supper , weekly paperwork and exercise hubbie and I watched the UNC/Maryland b-ball game flipping back and forth to Survivor in the second half. UNC won big and only have one more regular season game to go.
 Tonight we had some thunder and lightening but thankfully the storm split and the more severe wind and rain went north and south of our area leaving us with only a narrow band passing through.

My prayers go out tonight to the folks who suffered damages with these storms as they tracked all the way across the country.
I had to comfort Bernie tonight as he is really  scared by thunder and lightening. He was leisurely lounging in one of the doggy beds in the living room when the first flash of lightening and clap of thunder happened.

He quickly wanted to be under the blanket on the couch and to be held until the storm passed by. He is the second dog we have had that is so afraid of storms. We used to have a little Shitzu mix that would absolutely go bonkers during a storm.
On the other hand Dolly pays no attention what so ever to the storms. I've always wondered what makes some dogs so scared and some not at all.
Thankfully it is all quiet tonight and we will be able to sleep peaceably without any bad weather.
God is a gracious and loving God all the time and I'm thanking Him tonight for my blessings.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Rita said...

My daughter's dog is just high strung and barks a lot plus is afraid of storms. We ordered a thunder shirt on line and are hoping it really calms him. The DVD said it would so we will see. It should be here in a week or so. We need for her dog to stop barking at such a high pitch non stop bark when it sees a deer in the yard or a squirrel. I'll let you know if we get relief when he wears his shirt. He is a wonderful dog. Just this problem with him barking and fear. Have a good day.