Thursday, February 16, 2012


Today was one of those well planned days that never work !!!!
Starting off with waking up about 30 minutes later than usual. Went through the chores with nothing unusual except the misty rain that was falling.  Didn't feel like walking in the rain so I thought I would get a head start with errands this morning ,not !!   I had to package an Avon order to be mailed to Florida and just as I got it all taped and printed label attached the customer called and said to hold it until tomorrow because she wasn't there yet and wanted to be sure of the address.  I hung up and started out the door and the phone rang again, this time another Avon customer giving an order.
By this time I looked at the clock and decided not to do the Avon deliveries I had planned for today because the school where they were would be on lunch break by the time I got there.
I did accomplish at least some of the things I had on my today's to do list before getting home to have a late lunch.
I cleaned the floors and swept off all the porches after the light rain stopped this afternoon.
With daughter's taxes finished yesterday today was #2 son's turn. I was still working on his when hubbie came home from work.
Now only mine and hubbies' is left,uhhhhh !!!! That's the one I hate because it is a more complicated than son's or daughter's. But I do have a week and a half to get them done to stay on my February tax month schedule.
Even with no quite snow days this winter I have got more project work done than usual. Now I think about all the things that need pruning and other clean up work that needs to be done outside.
With the weather looking like it does for the next week I should have plenty opportunity to get it done.

Tonight after a salad supper and exercises hubbie and I watched Swamp People on TV and then I watched part of the Duke/ NCState b-ball game which Duke won.
As the clouds cleared this evening there was a beautiful sunset over the mountains.

 God wonderfully blesses us with the beauty of His creations each day .
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, We had rain all night last night ---but it cleared up today and felt like Spring... BUT--rain and snow may be coming this weekend...

We got our taxes finished and will get a nice refund this year... Yeah!!!

gg said...

What a beautiful picture.