Monday, February 13, 2012


My day has been pretty normal. Started with chores, a morning walk, picking up g-son, doing some shopping, playing with g-son while hubbie made a doctor visit and then cut up some more wood from fallen trees.
I am not concentrating on my day at all tonight.
I'm mad as h*** tonight and I don't ever say cuss words , or well ,almost never. Unless something happens like did today to my #1 son.
This is the son that for the last 20 months has been in and out of hospitals with a leg injury. He and his wife have struggled to make ends meet with the help of family and church family all along.
And today SOME CRIMINAL (for lack of the word I would like to use) broke into their home while they were both at work !
The thieves popped the sliding glass door from it's track and sat it inside against the dining room table.
Luckily we think the thieves were scared off by hubbie and g-son when they went to feed hubbie's beagles. The beagle lot is on the hill above son's house and g-son who walks home that way sometimes went running down the hill toward his house and hubbie shouted loudly for him to come back.
The deputies that came to investigate the break-in thought this shouting probably scared the thieves off with very little. They only got d-in-love's jewelery box which did contain a couple things that were worth a small amount that had been given to her years ago but that so far is all that is missing.
Unfortunately and very often the case the damage to their house will cost a lot more than what was stolen.
The sliding glass door will have to be replaced and the laundry room door which was also bent up before they realized there was a cabinet in front of it will also have to be replaced.
But the worst thing is the feelings #1 son and d-in-love are going through tonight. I've been there and there is no way to explain the violated feeling that overtakes you when you know someone has searched through clothing drawers and all your house and you don't know who they are.
I remember the feeling from when my house was broken into when I was single and living alone. You just want to curl up and run home to mom and dad's safe place, but as my dad told me that night, that would declare them the winner, some stranger would have defeated you in every way if you give in to that run and hide desire. I stuck it out and slept alone in my house that same night and so will #1 son's family tonight. It takes more than a miserable thief for any of us to declare defeat.
As I brought g-son back to my house to feed him supper tonight it was hard to calmly and sensitively answer his questions about who and why someone would break into their house.
He was with  his dad as they discovered the break-in when they went in the front door of their home and saw the sliding glass door sitting in the dining room. Thankfully they did not walk in on the perpetrator.
He wanted to know what criminals were and why they didn't like them. I hope he understands that this wasn't personal against them and the thief probably didn't even know them.
Hubbie helped get the door back up tonight to keep out the cold. The glass wasn't even broken in the door and it went back into the track with a couple screws holding it so it will keep out the cold.
They will get with their insurance agent tomorrow and began the process to repair their home and their spirits.
God will be with them each step of the way because He never brings us to anything that He doesn't help us through.
Asking for prayers to be lifted for them tonight as this just makes their  struggle a little steeper.
God and the good will prevail !!!
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh Marilyn, I am so very very sorry... I'm glad that your hubbie scared them off before more things were missing. BUT--I can imagine how they must feel tonight. They have been through so much... May God Bless THEM ALL---and you too...

Hugs and Prayers,

NCmountainwoman said...

How awful! I am so sorry this happened and I hope they catch the blankedy blank perp.

Anonymous said...



Peggy said...

Am so sorry! Prayers for your son and family. I hope whoever done this is caught!

Rita said...

Thinking of you and your family tonight. I'm saying prayers for God's help and comfort during this difficult time. So very sorry this happened during a time especially when they have already been through so much. Bless everyone peace to carry on.