Thursday, February 9, 2012


Nice and cool this morning as I did the chores. After breakfast I decided to go on to town instead of on my morning walk.
I ran all the regular errands with a couple extra stops here and there. Picked up some 100 watt light bulbs to help give my little setting Silkie some help keeping her eggs warm this weekend.
Some of the coldest weather of the season is headed our way even with snow in the forecast for Saturday.

Now this looks like winter for the first time this year !!!!  But is sure is going to hurt !!!!
Unfortunately a lot of budding and blossoming plants are going to lose their flowers and fruits this week-end.
I made it home about 1:00, unloaded  and had lunch. I picked up the photos from the old camera's that I found and one of them was definitely worth having them developed. It is some pics of g-son when he was just a baby starting to eat and looking cute as a bug in a rug.
   Here are some of the pics .

Daughter doing the duty !!!

His first "green" tractor !!

Cutest fireman I know !!!

Bernie keeping a close watch !!

He loved that bouncy swing !!

It seems impossible that this is now the same baby with that same dog still keeping a close watch !!

Wow where has the time gone ??
At least I've had some wonderful memories to keep me warm on this cold night.
I put the light in the Silkie house this evening after chores not thinking  she would need it tonight but I just went up and turned it on as it is already 30 degrees at 11:00.
After exercising tonight I had to make a quick trip to Ingles for some more baking supplies when a late order came in during my exercise time.
I do not like driving at night especially on this little narrow road I live on. It is only 1 mile to the 4-lane highway and I hold my breath each time I meet a car. Anyway I made it there and back without any mishaps. Hubbie will usually go for me and he offered tonight but I know he had a hard day at work and had stayed up late watching the ball game last night so I didn't want him to have to get out of the recliner so it all worked out.
On the news from #1 son's disability hearing in Federal court today the news is good!  The judge after only hearing about 1/2 of what he went through said he could have 9 months back pay of disability. He doesn't know exactly how much that will be just yet and he has to give the lawyer 25% of whatever it is but anything will help them out right now. We are all so thankful that God saw fit to allow this to go through.
Daughter came by tonight and she said the young couple she knows who lived in the house behind hers and got foreclosed on had been there the past 3 days with a u-haul getting all their things out of the house. She talked to him this afternoon when he came to borrow some water and he told her they have to have everything off the property tomorrow or they will lose it.
It is so sad to see the foreclosure of so many young families homes. This couple have 3 small kids and don't know what they are going to do.
Well this has been a long blog post when I really had nothing to say when I first started. That's what I love about blogging.
Thankful to God tonight for what He has blessed us with today and looking forward to serving Him tomorrow in any way that I can.
Good Night and God Bless.


Julie Harward said...

Your days are always so busy and full...loved seeing the pictures of the kids here! ;D

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Great news about your son, Marilyn... He deserves that disability... Too bad he couldn't just get it without getting a lawyer and going to court... GADS!!!

My sister-in-law's husband has Huntington's Disease. It took them YEARS to get disability for him -and he can't even walk... SAD!

Cute pictures of your grandson. He is growing up SO fast.

YES---the freezer door is going to open.. Tomorrow night's low here is supposed to be 10 degrees... GADS!