Friday, February 6, 2015

1965 NEWS

After chores and breakfast this morning it was baking time. Sometimes I have to really discipline myself on Fridays to get any baking done. After going all week without actually having to do anything it is hard to make myself work on Fridays.
But I need to make some money to help out even if it is very little some days this time of year.
I baked 6 caramel, 2 chocolate, 2 pound and 2 blackberry wine cakes before having lunch.
The weather today is nice and sunny and still chilly in the mid 40's with a breeze blowing around.
Another winter storm has formed and is headed across the northern states , the same areas that have been hammered so many times in the last month with heavy snowfall.  Marcus is the latest named storm.
I guess these folks are used to snow in these areas but wow, this winter so far has put them to the test I'm sure.
I spent time this afternoon getting out the February xxx5 decade photographs from years past and doing some more shredding.
After chores this evening hubbie and I watched the news then I iced my cakes and got things ready for market.
February is a pretty boring month unless we have snow and that was evidenced by the amount of decade pics I found today.
I did find in one of my old scrap books these clippings of the death of Nat "King" Cole.

Apparently there was plenty of snow in February 1965 as this newspaper clipping announces the re-opening of school after a weeks closure because of snow and ice.

I would have been in 5th grade in February 1965 so I'm sure I didn't have a camera for picture taking and my mother was not a big picture taker so there wasn't any pictures of the snow around our farm.
As I finished chores this evening I notice this pretty sky after the sun went behind the mountains.
I pray everyone has a happy and safe weekend as this first week of February 2015 comes to an end.
I am grateful for all the blessings of this day.
Good Night and God Bless.

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