Saturday, February 14, 2015


Off to market this morning with no signs of the nasty weather predicted for later in the day.
It is 25 degrees this morning but is warming up quickly in the bright sunshine.
Market was slow as expected but I am thankful for what I did sell on this Valentine Saturday.
Hubbie left after reading the newspaper and stopped by Sam's Club, Tractor Supply and Walmart to get us stocked up on things we need and animal feed for the week. He called and said all the stores were crazy crowded. I guess this weather forecast for next week is already got folks stocking up !!
The 15th named winter storm, Octavia is poised to bring us a definite taste of winter weather.
A winter storm advisory is already issued giving plenty of advanced notice.
My friend Susan came by to visit with some Valentine cupcakes that were delicious and helped me load the van.
I stopped at Ingles on Asheville hwy and it wasn't as bad crowded as hubbie had said the one on our side of town was.
I got my things for tomorrow's lunch and headed home.
The wind is starting to blow pretty hard as I get home but the temperature is still in the upper 40's.
The clouds are starting to look pretty ominous this evening.
This tree beside the front steps is bending in the high winds .
The last of Aa's four black angus cows delivered her calf today. Not good timing if the temperature gets as low as they say tonight, hopefully she can keep the little one warm.
I enjoyed a nice break just sitting in the living room watching the wind blow the trees and the birds get buffeted around by the wind as they tried to get to their warm night time places.
After chores and supper I relaxed again with my 4-legged kids and watched a Duke / Syracuse ballgame which Duke won.
This has been a nice quiet Valentines Day and as I close for the evening I am praying that we keep our power with all the high winds outside. We have fires in both woodstoves tonight so we will be warm but we will have to come up with a cooking plan for the large roast beef we have in the crock pot !!
See you in church to worship our loving Lord tomorrow.
Good Night and God Bless.


linda m said...

Praying you are all safe and warm. Blessings

Rita said...

Maybe you could cook roast ahead of time, transfer to refrigerator when done and cooled. Then put in iron pot or skillet and warm on wood stove? Just a possibility.
Best case is to keep your power. Many prayers for you.