Tuesday, February 10, 2015


The sun shining through the bedroom window looks warm this morning. At least it is above freezing at 38 when I went out to do the chores.
No ice to break this morning meant the temp stayed above freezing all night. I emptied 2/10ths inch out of the gauge from the rain of the overnight.
Back inside I did housework then tackled my office desk to get all the old filed away and make room for the new years paperwork. I also finished my shredding for this year so 2004 is really gone now. I like to look through the papers as I shred as they bring back memories of things from 10 years ago and what we were doing then.
I got my desk all cleaned off and ready for more "piles" of 2015 "stuff" !!!
The temperature outside has been in the mid 40's today with a light breeze making it feel colder.
As I watched the bird feeders in the back yard I saw that the Gold Finches have moved back in. They are very particular eaters and will only come around if there is thistle seed in one of the feeders.
They are in their winter "drab" colors right now but I missed seeing their glorious yellow summer dress flitting around the feeders last spring and summer.
I do have some bright color around the yard that probably won't last through the cold temps of this weekend but they are pretty now. These Daffodils have been fooled by the recent warm temps.

Flash looks comfortable soaking up the warm sunshine. He will need all this warmth to keep him warm this weekend when we get the lowest temperatures of the season so far.
Got a call from a cake customer this afternoon wanting to know if I had ever made a Lady Baltimore Cake.  I haven't but after I talked to him I looked up the recipe and think I might try this. It is another old southern traditional cake like the caramel I make.  It looks like it would be really good but it is going to be a bit pricey to make.
I'll let you know how mine turns out, might make it for Sunday lunch dessert this week. Haha, I always try new recipes out on the family first !!
After chores and supper I did the month ending paperwork for January. I was pleasantly surprised at the amount I sold during this month this year compared to past Januarys , but in most years I don't get to go every Saturday in January.  I thank God for the business He allowed during this past month.
I also payed weekly bills and made a grocery and baking list for this week.
#2 son stopped by with the rest of the papers I need to figure his taxes so hopefully I can get to work on those later this week.
I caught up on my blog reading tonight and am planning on an earlier bedtime. I keep thinking I need to start gradually getting into an earlier getting up time so when the time goes forward at the beginning of next month it won't be such a shock for my system. I am usually up between 8 and 8:30 now depending on my plans for that day.
I thank God for the blessings in my life today and everyday as I strive to be the person He wants me to be. Thankful also that my friend Susan's little boy recovered quickly from his bout with asthma yesterday and is home and resting tonight.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

The Lady Baltimore Cake looks really good. Don't think I have ever tasted one before. Be sure and let us know how yours turns out. Lucky you sleeping in till 8. I get up at 4 to get hubby off to work. Then go back to bed until 6:15 or so. Then again we do go to bed early since we get up so early. Happy to hear your friends little boy is recovering. Blessings