Friday, February 27, 2015


Up early as g-son is coming for the wait for school to start on the 2-hour delay schedule while mom has to go in to work on her regular time.
He is a growing boy as evidenced by the now 4 waffles he orders for breakfast with a couple cups of chocolate milk.
When we got to school we raced to the door to the entertainment of several teachers who were cheering me on , calling me the "racing granny" !!
As I drove home I noticed the top of Bearwallow doesn't look like any of the snow has melted there.

The black cattle create a pretty contrast to the white snow.
As I walked across the yard to the house I noticed the snow is really melting around our farm.

One of the last school buses passes on the road below, must have been a bad route this morning as this bus was pretty late.
I am feeling a little shaky this morning after a sleepless night with my stomach bothering me, finally getting to sleep around maybe 3am.
I had an extra cup of hot green tea before I tackled finishing February's tax duties.
First I resolved the issue I had with #2 son's taxes and then got the answer I was waiting for on daughter's taxes. Having both of those finished I started from scratch on ours. We were expecting to pay so I was in no hurry to get ours on the books but to my surprise because of hubbie's retirement deduction we get a small refund on both, yippee !!!
By 4:30 this afternoon 2014 taxes for daughter, # 2 son and us were in the books !!
With my brain reeling with figures I took a break and almost went to sleep snuggling with the 4-legged kids but caught myself just in time as hubbie came in from work. He was a little late after stopping by daughter's house to let Tipper, her dog, out for a run. She is gone taking her varsity basketball team to Rowan county for the first state play-off game.  Unfortunately she called later and said they lost in over time so their season is complete.
After chores hubbie and I had supper then I got ready for market tomorrow. I haven't heard from anyone saying the market is closed so we can only assume it is open. I didn't bake anymore to add to what I baked the first of the week because I really don't expect any customers to brave the 22 degree temperature in the morning as well as the threat of black ice on the roads from the melting snow of today.  The sun has shined all day today with temps in the upper 30's causing plenty of melting.
February is coming to an end with snow cover reaching all the way down in the southern states.
Another winter storm was named today but for now looks like it will skirt our area to the west and north.
Grateful for the blessings of this day and for the never ending love of our dear Savior.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Gail said...

It is such a relief to have taxes finished. I try to do my paperwork on New Year's Day then I wait for the paperwork I need. It is always a joy when we don't have to pay.

Seven AM this morning gave 20 degrees and another inch or two of snow. Someone needs to tell the weather maker this is Arkansas!

Have a blessed day.