Monday, February 23, 2015


Up to a sunny warm morning to continue our melting process thankfully.
I did chores and had breakfast then hubbie and I headed out to run some errands and restock our supply of animal feed.
I dropped a cake order off at the bank while I did weekly banking business.
We got home just in time for me to grab a quick lunch and head out again to my yearly dermatology skin check appointment. Since I had the melanoma removed from my arm I always go once a year to have the doctor verify that I don't see anything suspicious and he looks in places that I cannot, like through my hair.  All was good today and he didn't see anything to worry about.
Hubbie had stayed home and changed the oil in his truck and as soon as I got back home from the doctor he changed the oil in my van.
The wind has gotten up this afternoon and the temperature is dropping under now cloudy skies and it is to cold for me to do the things outside I was hoping to get done today, oh well !!
Laundry was waiting inside so that is how I spent the afternoon and into the evening , doing 4 loads of laundry.
The weather maps are changing each day with more winter weather for us it looks like.
With a system coming through tonight only giving us a dusting of snow and another larger system expected Wednesday night giving us quite a bit of snow. Thankfully it is all forecast to be snow, no more ice !!
Also the winter weather watches have really expanded for tonight.
Well this is the beginning of the last week of tax month for me so tomorrow I have intentions of getting all our taxes finished !!
Also in this last week of February I need to finish the decade photo series for this month.
Back in 1985 February was the last month with only 2 boys and they were cuties .
This is #1 son and hubbie.
This is #2 son with one of his cousins, Christal Owenby, looking on.
Our dog back then was a huge Saint Bernard named Sugar.  She was a big baby with the kids and they routinely rode on back.
I love the memories these old pictures evoke each time I put them on here and talk about them.
At this time in that year I was probably getting more then ready to welcome our third child into the world as daughter was born less than a month later.
Funny I don't remember a lot about that pregnancy , guess with two little boys, 3 and 2 years old running around they gave me enough to keep my mind occupied , haha.
Fast forward 10 years and it was a totally different story , now with 3 growing kids we were busy all the time with some of their activities.
Daughter was in 4th grade and that was the first year her age could play basketball. I coached her team and #1 son and one of the other girls brother's , Eric, who was a friend of son's helped me with the girls.
This is the team, first row from left, Jessica Hoots,Rosalyn Lyda,Nicole Lewis,Nicky Drake,Karla Ellis,Rhondria Waters,daughter peeking around Michelle Overcash's shoulder. Back row Eric Taylor, #1 son, me, Krissie Overcash.
#2 son also was playing in his 6th grade year and my cousin Judy Pryor Justice was coaching his team. I can't remember the first three team mates starting from the left but after that it is Trey Enloe, Mathew Laughter,coach Judy Justice, Jarrod Owenby, Jason Justice, #2 son with the ball, Jeremy Pack, Andrew Vuncannon.
#2 son.

Grateful to God for these wonderful memories and for the blessings He still sends my way each and every day.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

What beautiful memories. I get the same way whenever I run across an old photo of my son. He was and is such a blessing. God keep you safe.