Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Up and out this morning to get things done and get ready for shopping. Re is going today also. It will be much better with the kids to shop today while the sun is shining and the temps are in the mid 50's than it will be tomorrow when the wind is blasting and the temps are in the 20's !
I'm glad she had to drop off some things at Goodwill and reminded me to get a couple bags of clothes that don't fit me anymore that I have been meaning to take for about a month.
After that stop we headed to Aldi for groceries, then Walmart.  Our last stop was at Sam's Club. Both little EL and baby BB were really good all morning.
We got home and got things put away, then the kids were ready for naps and I came home.
I refilled all the bird feeders so the birds could fill up before the Artic temperatures get here starting tomorrow.
These temps are low but with the high winds that are coming at 30-50 mph the chill factors will be in the minus category. We are under a wind advisory starting at 7am tomorrow.
All the birds are taking the forecast seriously as they are keeping the feeders full this afternoon.
This Mockingbird is even resorting to sampling the Beauty Berries that are left. These are a bitter tasting berry and are usually a last resort for the hungry birds.
Maybe he was intimidated by this larger Brown Thrasher.
This is a good shot of this female Eastern Towhee. The male Towhee was hopping around on the ground under the feeder, he is much shyer than the female.
Chores were done in the warmer evening for the last time for a while today.
Hubbie and I watched a Virginia / NC State ball game tonight which Virginia barely won.
Talked to daughter tonight after her basketball game. Both JV teams went to Pisgah this afternoon to make up a game postponed during the season because of testing. They both lost to end their seasons.
She sounds really bad with a bad cough. She went to the minute clinic yesterday and they gave her antibiotics for a sinus infection but nothing for the cough. She is going to call back tomorrow to see if they will give her something for her cough.
She has another varsity ballgame tomorrow afternoon as the conference tournament starts.
I think her cough will get better when she gets out of the gym for a while.
Praying tonight for the folks who will be out in the cold weather that is coming and also humbly thanking God for the warmth of my home and the love of my family.
Good Night and God Bless.


linda m said...

You sound like me - get out there before the cold and nasty weather sets in. Nice pictures of your bird friends. Sure hope your daughters cough goes away soon. I've been know to go thru a whole bag of cough drops in no time. Will say a prayer for her. Blessings

Sandy said...

Carolina Nana,

I love all the bird pictures. It's going to get down right cold here. I've planted onions in the ground the other day. Going to have to go out and put all kinds of straw around them to prevent them from freezing.

Going out to the store today to get more bird feed myself. The birds are all over here, and probably confused with the weather constantly changing.

Stay warm!!! Good luck to your daughter with her game.