Saturday, February 21, 2015


Well as I looked out the window this morning expecting to see more white stuff I was surprised that there was nothing , not even any rain , at least not yet !!
After slipping and sliding through chores again  we had breakfast then decided to go into town early in case the weather does get nasty later.
This is a very strange Saturday morning for me as I only get maybe one or two Saturday's off each year.
This is the first Saturday not at market for me since last July when we were on vacation.
We went to Walmart and Sam's Club to restock our supplies. 
We got back in time for lunch and then watched some of the UNC / Georgia Tech ball game which UNC ran away with.
Hubbie went outside to gather more wood before the promised rains begin. I rested on the couch to the delight of my 4-legged kids.
The temperature has risen above freezing this afternoon for the first time in several days, but only to 38 so not much melting is going on with the cloudy sky. These are some angry looking clouds.
As I tiptoed around my narrow paths to do the chores this evening I was sure hoping we would get some thawing rain but so far it hasn't happen.

I'm sure the hens are hoping for the same thawing whatever it takes as most of their lots are still completely frozen slippery ice.
Just as soon as this storm named Pandora passes through there is another one right on it's heels named Quantum.

Fortunately for our area Quantum is predicted to skirt below us and out to sea.
The snow cover for the country has definitely expanded since the first of the month.
It is hard to believe that just over a week ago my Jonquils were blooming and we were wondering if we were going to have any "real" winter weather this year, ha !!!
As I went back out to close the doors on the chicken house a light mist was falling making things super slick.  Maybe it will rain hard enough overnight to do some ice melting and hopefully the temps will do what they say and reach 50 tomorrow with sunshine.
Grateful to God tonight for a blessed day of rest and praying for all those who have gotten injured on these cold icy days.
Good Night and God Bless

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