Sunday, February 15, 2015


Whew !!! We made it through the night and kept our electric along with our sanity !!!  I was beginning to wonder about the latter at 5am when a loud noise caused both of us to sit straight up in bed.  It sounded as if something very large hit the side of the house below our bedroom.  I looked out the window and was very surprised to see Annie my red Aussie walking around down there. She was locked in her lot with her warm straw filled dog house at feeding time last night. It is one of those latches that drops around the gate post and is supposedly immoveable. Jumping from bed we both imagined a tree had fallen on the dog lot and had hit the sunroom.
We were relieved to see neither but still the mystery of how the gate, which was standing wide open, got unlatched. We looked all around outside finding nothing that might have hit the house making that noise. Our only guess was that Annie had jumped on the downstairs door, knowing Sadie and Flash were just inside. We tried to get her to come inside the warm basement but she would have nothing to do with it, she just wanted them to come outside with her.
I had a hard time getting back to sleep, with my cold feet and still questioning what had happened.
The 8am alarm sounded way to early today.
Daughter text me to say she was headed for urgent care because she felt like she either had the flu or strep throat this morning. She has been fighting a bug for over a week, the doc at the CVS minute clinic gave her antibiotic for a sinus infection but she said this was a different feeling.
The strep test and flu test were both negative but the doc at urgent care said she had an infection in her glands now probably caused by the sinus drainage and said it was probably bacterial. She gave her a Z-pac and some cough medicine.
She came here to sleep while we all were at church since it was closer than her house.
Hubbie and I had nursery duty today at church. We , along with another couple took care of 5 two and unders .  They all had a great time playing together and not a single tear.
Little EL was the only girl among 4 boys, one of which was her visiting cousin from Ohio.
My friend Susan came to our church today, she discovered she went to high school with our associate pastor's wife and came to help her in the pre-school class today. She enjoyed all the kids very much.
At lunch we had Re's brother's family to eat with us. G-son loved the added lunchmates.
El wanted to sit with the boys, not in her "baby" highchair !!
Aa gets a blanket to keep baby BB warm while he snoozes through lunch.
It was a fun time and everyone had a nice visit. It's always good to see Re's family as they all blend in so well with ours, it's like catching up with our out of town family.
I pray that they have a safe trip home tonight.
After everyone left and hubbie and I cleaned the house he went over to daughter's to pick up the dog crate she had borrowed so we will have more crates for this coming nasty weather.
The sunset was really pretty tonight as if knowing it would be the last time in at least a couple days the sun would be seen in the skies around here.
That grey line above the mountains is the leading edge of the winter storm's clouds that are coming.

We are already under a winter storm warning starting tomorrow.
Right now there is a lot of speculation as to the exact track of this storm and how much snow and ice will fall where. 
This map shows a finger of 5-8 inches for our area, guess we will have to wait and see what happens.
I just hope we don't get an ice storm out of it.
Daughter went home this evening looking pretty bad, hopefully the new meds and a good nights sleep will help her feel better.
Hubbie and I have spent a relaxing Sunday night watching the flames in the wood stove  and wondering what this coming week will bring. The temperatures are surely going to be cold enough for a real mess.
 Talked to daughter tonight and  she is feeling a little better already thankfully.
At times like these I am surely glad God is in control and I can rest in the comfort of His great love.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

I will say a prayer for your daughter. You all stay safe. This is one nasty storm. I have some friends in Nashville and they are expecting the largest snowfall in over 11 years there. I will be praying for you all. Blessings