Sunday, February 1, 2015


An early Sunday morning for hubbie as he is up at 7:30 to get wood chips soaked and meet #2 son who is coming over to get the smoker going with a couple butts for his super bowl party tonight and our lunch chicken in there to get smoked.
Hubbie and I went to church, leaving son here to watch the temperature on the smoker. As long as the wind doesn't blow it usually is good at holding a steady temp but sitting out in the covered patio where the wind comes up over the hill it can drop the temp inside substantially if you aren't there to turn the heat up.
At church this morning we had a lady join our congregation and also on a sad note, our youth director resigned today to take another job on the WCU college campas.
Hubbie and I left as soon as the last song started and came home to help son wrap his butts in foil to continue cooking and get our now done chicken out of the smoker.
Hubbie put a rub on the chicken thighs last night and let them set over night, he also added some apple juice to the water he soaked the chips in. This was the best chicken we ever smoked, we are waiting to see what son says about the butts he smoked. He coated them with mustard before putting them in the smoker this morning for a different twist also.
Everyone made it to lunch of rice, green beans, corn and yeast rolls with triple berry pie for dessert to go with the delicious chicken thighs.
We all had a nice visit after we ate and daughter and I shared holding time for baby BB who made his first lunch visit. It is amazing how fast he is growing.
After everyone left hubbie and I cleaned out the house of our younger pullets and put insecticide on their legs. We were going to get the Silkies done also but the rain began early and we retreated back inside for the evening.
#1 son who was changing the oil in his suv and Aa who was fixing fence also had to cut their afternoon work short and get out of the rain.
On this first day of February the weather is the main story as we are under all kinds of advisories and alerts for tonight and tomorrow. A winter weather alert and a high wind warning are given for our area plus  thunderstorms are possible with damaging winds.

With this current radar showing a line of rain along the cold front that is pushing through ahead of winter storm Linus may make for an interesting night and early morning to bring February in like a lion for our side of the country.
This storm is predicted to drop another 2 feet or more of snow on the already hard hit areas of the northeast.
 On this first day of February this is the current snow cover map for the country.
We are fortunate that only rain is forecast for our area, maybe mixing with a little wet snow tomorrow as the temperatures drop throughout the day.
Watched parts of the supper bowl tonight but had really no interest in which team won. The Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots were playing. The Patriots wound up winning on a really bad play call by Seattle on their 1/2 yard line.  Anyway like I said I had no favorite in this game.
I didn't even think the commercials were that good and the half time show we turned off when you couldn't even hear a word the singers were singing over the loud banging music.
Maybe I'm just too old for this stuff !!!!

Thankful to God tonight for a wonderful Lord's day filled with family and friends and the love and grace of our dear Savior Jesus Christ.
Good Night and God Bless

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linda m said...

The winter storm hit us yesterday. Had to go out three times then we finally said enough. I'm not a Super Bowl fan so I didn't watch the game. Since the snow plow plowed up the end of my driveway I'm stuck inside today. Maybe I'll get some things done for a change. Blessings