Monday, February 16, 2015


A dark dreary morning as we wait for our share of the winter storm that is coming later in the day. As I did chores I noticed how quiet and still things are outside. Snow is certainly on the way, I can feel it.
It is in the mid 20's and that's where we will stay all day.
After breakfast I started laundry and hubbie went outside to restock our wood supply on the porch and below the house.
He saw our sister in law Gloria walking across our bottom pasture. They had a calf that they had bought Saturday out in the pasture with Aa's cattle.
With all the small calves Aa had he, who happened to be working in the field across the creek, soon stopped them from running the cattle around trying to get them in his corral. In this cold air it is not good for cattle to run and suck icy air into their lungs,as they could get pneumonia. He will get all the cattle in the corral when the weather breaks and they can come get their calf.
I stayed inside and did 4 loads of laundry while watching the weather outside. Schools were let out at noon.  Daughter called and said she had taken the day off today to try and get over her infection. She was feeling better with the medicine she got yesterday.
Around 2pm the snow started to fall, first with little fine flakes that quickly got larger and the ground and all surfaces soon turned white.
These pics were made just a few minutes after 2:00 this afternoon.

The snow didn't last long and the sleet began, putting down over an inch of the solid ice pellets that made things very slippery.
I stayed inside and did my favorite snowy day activity, bird watched and photographed. These are some of the better pics of the day.
Sharing .... A Tufted Titmouse and a Carolina Wren
 Cold feet..... White Throat Sparrow
Pretty as a picture....Mrs. Cardinal

Thistle seed lovers.... Gold Finch and Black Capped Chick-a-dee
 Pretty little Field Sparrow....
 Ground feeding Mr. Eastern Towhee ...
By 4:00 the sleet was piling up.
We keep praying that we won't get the freezing rain they say is coming later tonight. These little ice pellets are bouncing off everything and are actually better than snow not sticking to anything.
By chore time the sleet falling was almost deafening outside as it poured down making things really white and the roads really slick for the commute home this evening.

Earlier today this little guy,baby BB,  went for a checkup at his doctor and at 10lbs,3.5ozs, was declared "healthy as a horse" !!   And I declared him cute as a button for sure !!!
Thankfully they made it home shortly after the snow started. 
Hubbie and I had a relaxed evening keeping the fires stoked.
About 9:00 our sleet turned to the promised freezing rain so I am blogging a bit early in case the power goes out. I've also got extra water drawn up and know where all my flashlights and candles are. Hubbie has gas in the generator and started it today to make sure it was okay.  We are as prepared as we can get , I think.
Very thankful that all my family got home safely today and praying for safety as they have to get back out in the mess tomorrow. Also praying that all be spared much damage from an ice storm that looks like it is here.
I am grateful for the wonderful blessings of this day and for the love of my Heavenly Father.
Good Night and God Bless.


linda m said...

Little Baby BB sure is cute as a button and glad he is healthy. Praying that you all are okay and safe. My son in GA posted pictures this AM of all the ice. Please be careful. God bless you and keep you safe.

Gail said...

Glad you are okay.

We had sleet first with almost blizzard like snow but only a few inches. Enough to shut down the county and most of the state.

Stay warm and safe.

Betsy Adams said...

Hope you didn't get that ICE. We had that Ice Storm here and not much snow yesterday... ICE is so dangerous ----and with the low temps, it is still with us today. VERY dangerous. We did however get a little snow during the night last night --which is pretty. BUT--with an inch of ice underneath, it is still VERY scary. For that reason, we are staying inside until our roads are clear (and our driveway). AND---the temps are just going to get colder with more snow/ice on the way... What a week!!! I'm ready to go to Florida... ha

Stay SAFE.