Thursday, February 5, 2015


Up and out to do chores a little early this morning. Made a blueberry smoothie for a quick breakfast. I am going over to the Asheville mall with Re and the kids this morning to have pictures made of the kids.
We have a 10:00 appointment,but with another stop to make on the way and neither of us very good at driving around Asheville we decided we had better leave around 9:00.
We used "Ceri" to get us to the mall and we made it in about 30 minutes.
The kids were pretty good during their session and she got some good pics of the two of them together.

While Re decided on which pictures she wanted little EL and I looked around in an interesting store next door. She thinks she is a grown up some times !!!!
They had an entire wall of these eye mask in all different colors and styles,EL couldn't resist trying one on.
We ate lunch before we left the mall at a deli and it was very good.
The wind was really blowing and the temperature has steadily dropped all day as we headed back for Hendersonville.
When we got to Ingles baby BB was soundly sleeping and little EL was watching a DVD so I sat in the car with them while Re grocery shopped.
Love the dimples in this photo of EL.
It is a beautiful day but cold.
As I sat with them I thought back to the days when my kids were the age of EL and thought how much technology has improved these situations through the years.
We came home and after getting things all carried in to Re's I walked across the hill home to the surprise of Annie who was very surprised to see me come waking up in the yard. I had to laugh at her reaction as she didn't know whether to bark or not and hesitated to come up to me until she heard my voice. At least I know she is on guard duty while I'm gone !!
I vacuumed and mopped all my floors this afternoon.
Hurriedly went through chores this evening as the water was already frozen in their waterers.
Tonight is supposed to be a cold night, temps in the teens so we built a fire upstairs and downstairs.
Thankful to God tonight for a blessed day and for the warm house on these cold nights.
Good Night and God Bless.


linda m said...

Thanks for the pictures of little EL and Baby BB. El has the cutest dimples. My son is 45 years old and technology has really changed since he was little - no DVD stuff in the car back then or car seats for that matter. Have a great weekend and God bless you.

Betsy Adams said...

Bet the pictures turned out great of those two precious children. Hope you can scan them when you get copies and share them with us...

I remember doing that when my sons were little. BUT--back then, as you know, we had to wait before seeing the pictures. Times have changed!!!!!! ha

Cold here yesterday--with a cold, cold wind. BUT--overall, this winter has not been nearly as bad as last year's. We have had very very very little snow here.